Are voters really fed up with the status quo?

There is lots of talk of the “status quo” on the campaign trail these days… well in many blogs….it seems everybody is talking about the subject.

But the more important question is….are they really fed up?

I say no they are not.

I say that because as much as they bitch and moan about it….they will vote for a candidate that will keep it in place… matter the promises and the applause lines…..none of the major party candidates will do anything to change the status quo.

Americans really, really dislike their politicians. Just not enough to actually replace them, apparently.

Even as Democrat Hillary Clinton plummeted to Donald Trump-like depths of unpopularity this week, the quintessential Washington insider could take solace from a string of victories by establishment candidates who triumphed over voter ire. The results are likely to reinforce Clinton’s preference for a careful, boring campaign at stark odds with her Republican rival’s wild swings between presidential gravitas and red meat rhetoric.

RealClearPolitics’ average polling doesn’t show much change from last week and still has Clinton ahead of Trump, 46.1% to 42%. But one thing that has dramatically changed over the past three weeks is Clinton’s unfavorable rating, which according to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll now stands at 59% — neck-and-neck with Trump’s 60%.

Source: US election 2016: Are US voters really that fed up with the status quo?

It makes for good campaign fodder….but in reality there is NO one that will change a thing……campaign promises are just lies….the sooner the voter realizes this one simple fact the sooner real change can be found.

But first they would have to admit that their candidate is flawed…..something that most voters will not consider….once they have made up their minds they will do, say and repeat as if their candidate is the second coming…..they are perfect….they have NO flaws…a bit pathetic in my mind.

Hate to inform you but NO one is the perfect candidate…just some are better liars and actors than others.

But for now it is just the same song with different singers….any vote for the two major candidates is a wasted vote.

Me?  I’m thinking Green!

6 thoughts on “Are voters really fed up with the status quo?

      1. We have become too big and too diverse for effective governance. We are entering a period of time where we are becoming something like the old British Empire or Russia … or China … too big, too much, too diverse to be effectively governed … it does not portend any good if you ask me — that is a recipe for tyranny to raise its ugly head.

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