Professor’s Battlefield SITREP

I realize that most Americans could care less about what is happening with our troops in distant lands…..but as a vet I feel I must at least try to inform the public with the hope that they will wake up and actually give a SHIT!

Candidate Clinton keeps saying that there will be no combat troops in the ground in Iraq to fight their fights……but Pres. Obama keeps sending in small amounts of US troops with the hope that NO one will notice……and it is happening again…

Pentagon officials are confirming that another round of US ground troops has been deployed to Iraq this week, adding to an already substantial number of combat troops in a war that the Obama Administration has repeatedly promised would be “no boots on the ground.”

The “official” deployment is said to be 400 more troops, bringing the official number of US troops in Iraq to 4,460. This is only a fraction of the overall deployment, however, which is believed to be in excess of 6,000 troops now, with the rest as “temporary” troops of indefinite period.

These latest troops are part of the planned invasion of Mosul, the largest city held by ISIS. DIA chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart says that the invasion will begin in the next two or three months, adding that it’s going to be a difficult urban battle.


Then there is the war that we all have chosen to forget….Afghanistan.

Apparently things are not going well in the country…..we seem to be losing ground almost weekly…..the Taleban is gaining in several provinces in the South and North…..what could the next scenario be for Afghanistan…..

The ongoing political crisis within the Afghan National Unity Government amid the country’s security and economic challenges recalls earlier warnings, notably from US intelligence and the UN, on the fragility of Afghanistan’s political stability.

According to the agreement brokered by US Secretary of State John Kerry in September 2014, the Afghan government should have initiated a number of political and electoral reforms within two years. To date, there has been no meaningful step towards implementing these reforms.

The failure to implement the agreement is depriving the Afghan government of its main source of authority and legitimacy. In the coming weeks, there will be growing pressure on the very existence of the government from multiple constituencies.

Source: Afghanistan is heading for civil war or worse – Al Jazeera English

Let’s say civil war breaks out….what role will the US play?

Since 2001 the Special Ops group has done most of the fighting around the world…..and apparently it will remain thus…….

The United States is spending more money on more missions to send more elite U.S. forces to train alongside more foreign counterparts in more countries around the world, according to documents obtained by The Intercept via the Freedom of Information Act.

Under the Joint Combined Exchange Training program, which is designed to train America’s special operators in a variety of missions from “foreign internal defense” to “unconventional warfare” — U.S. troops carried out approximately one mission every two days in 2014, the latest year covered by the recently released documents.

At a price tag of more than $56 million, the U.S. sent its most elite operators — Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and others — on 176 individual JCETs, a 13 percent increase from 2013. The number of countries involved jumped even further, from 63 to 87, a 38 percent spike.

Source: Documents Show U.S. Military Expands Reach of Special Operations Programs

With this post I close out my normal week of posting…..weekend is coming and I shall kick back and relax a post lightly for a couple of days….

Everyone I would like to thank you for your visits and hope that your weekend is filled with joy and fun……

7 thoughts on “Professor’s Battlefield SITREP

  1. I patiently await the inevitable day when the U.S. withdraws all troops and waits for the internal conflicts to cool and for some entity to establish itself as the ultimate authority and then opens trade agreements with these countries so that we can all finally purchase their rugs and lamps and blue jeans at throw away prices at the big box stores. As for the brave young American Souls who fought, sacrificed and died there? We will never forget their sacrifice in exactly the same way that we have never forgotten the sacrifices of every service member who ever wore the uniform of the United States Military — and you should all know how that goes by now! We’ve seen enough of these kinds of promises to our military heroes and heroines but they just keep on getting made and broken don’t they?

      1. Change is possible. Politicians will not reform themselves or the system but, we can, we must, and we will. We are trying to start this discussion. You can find us at unrigging america on wordpress and facebook. Yours would be a valuable voice. Please join us. We need you.

      1. I will have to think about that one … I am going to take a closer look when I go outside … a closer look at “The Average Americans” I see with their overly fat asses draped over the sides of the motorized shopping carts that I know they could get along without mounting and riding …. The unshaven slouches with the backward baseball caps …. the manicured elites with their noses in the air …. I will have to be more observant … You might be right of course … you are probably right.

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