Chinese presence in Africa shows global ambition

While everyone is playing Pokemon (off topic observation–could NSA be using Pokemon to gain entry into your system?) the world is getting more polarized………

Every body that watches international situations will know about the Chinese build-up in the South China Sea…..a build-up that got the US attention to the point of dispatching a flotilla to the region for….”just in case”…..

But while they were freaking out over the South China Sea the country, China, was quietly establishing itself in East Africa….that is establishing itself militarily in East Africa…..

China has begun construction for a military post at a key location in eastern Africa, right next door to a US one. A 90-acre plot which is due for completion next year, the the naval outpost is expected to feature weapons stores, ship and helicopter maintenance facilities and possibly a small contingent of Chinese marines or special forces, according to foreign officers and experts monitoring its development.

China has invested huge amounts in East Africa, especially in Ethiopia, one of the world’s fastest growing economies — wants to be able to protect its interests and investments throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: Chinese presence in Africa shows global ambition | Africa | Worldbulletin News

Chinese presence in Africa shows global ambition

I thought I had heard this before and may have written about it so I checked my archives and there it is……..about 2 years ago I wrote on this situation here on IST……..(in case you missed the original)

Source: While You Were Otherwise Distracted – In Saner Thought

But that aside the US is watching this situation I am sure ….but if we have any troops in the region it may be a good idea to put them on some sort of alert or watch or whatever they do these with potentially dangerous situations….

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