“My First 100 Days”

Now that the GOP has it “presumptive” nominee, Donald trump…..he has started trying to sound like a presidential candidate…..he has even given his adoring public his itinerary for his first 100 days…..

With Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee, there’s now a stronger-than-ever chance that President Trump will be sworn in next January—and his first 100 days in office will have just finished by this time next year. The New York Times interviewed Trump three times and spoke to aides and analysts to find out what those 100 days might be like. Some highlights:

  • Inauguration Day will involve some “beautiful” galas, but also the rescinding of President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, Trump says.
  • Trump says on Day 1, he will also speak to military and Homeland Security officials about sealing the border with Mexico. Talks with wall-builders will soon follow.
  • Trump says his first day in office will also involve phone calls to the CEOs of companies like Ford and Nabisco, warning them that they will face 35% tariffs for moving jobs out of the US. “The markets would be fine,” he says.
  • Trump knows which foreign leader he would call on his first day: none of them. “I wouldn’t be calling them up right away and getting more entangled,” he says.
  • Trump and his advisers say the first 100 days will be all about negotiations, most of which will take place in his new office. “The Oval Office would be an amazing place to negotiate,” he says. “It would command immediate respect from the other side, immediate understanding about the nation’s priorities.”
  • By the end of the 100 days, Trump plans to have a ban on Muslim immigration in place and to have made progress in delivering other major campaign promises, including repealing ObamaCare.
  • It’s still going to be the White House, not the Trump House: He “had no ambitious renovation plans,” the Times notes.
  • Trump says he is going to make big changes fast and not everybody will like them—but there’s nothing to worry about. “I know people aren’t sure right now what a President Trump will be like,” he says. “But things will be fine. I’m not running for president to make things unstable for the country.”

And the peasants danced.

Cute slogans and great applause lines….but that is about as far as any of it will go.

Please do not get too excited….you do recall that there is a Congress that does little to nothing and all his “plans” must go through the Congress.

Do you really see much of his “promises” being law in the first 100 days?

Thanx everyone for your attention this past week….now I begin my weekend of solace and meditation…..hopefully you will enjoy yours also.

26 thoughts on ““My First 100 Days”

  1. SIGH…. I’m just wondering what ailment he’ll die from if he does win the election. Do you really think the oligarchy will allow him to impose tariffs? They’re trying to impose the TTP, which would completely eradicate all tariffs, not to mention all governments as the controlling entities in the world…. I hold to my prediction he’ll never live to walk into the White House…. Food poisoning, an airplane crash; who knows? All I know is the corporate powers that be won’t allow it.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Oh dubie…i so like you! Personally i think he is in the tertiary stage of syphilis, so that is what i think he will die of…but then…what do i know? I keep saying i want a change, well this would be a change. Of course i thought the same thing about GW, you know congress, it can’t be soooo BAD and all and look where that got us. I’m just too too tired. For pete’s sake (who was pete?) a WALL around the whole border…givmme a break! dru

    1. We will see if he uses EOs and if he does see how it is defended by the people that condemn the prez today for using them.

      1. Since the Congress has decided that we no longer need a president and since I feel that Congress will obstructionize any president no matter who it might be he will undoubtedly have to make use of EOs somewhere along the line. I am afraid the Congress has decided to take on the role of President and that the SCOTUS has decided to take on the role of Congress, Continuum, Ad Infinitum, Ad Nauseum!

  2. As should always be pointed out, what matters is the make-up of Congress because Congress is where shit happens.

    If Congress remains the way it is now, Trump will probably achieve most of his goals (just at a slower pace). The establishment hates him, but are they really going to cock-block a Republican President, especially when The Base loves him? And if Trump manages to win, he’ll certainly bring even more Republicans into Congress, most of whom feel they owe him. Republicans will probably have a filibuster-proof “double majority”. So, that will make everything so much easier.

    – Killing Obamacare & building The Wall will be a slam-dunk.
    – Tariffs will unquestionably be the biggest struggle. The “deal artist” will need to make one with Sanders-like Democrats.

    But if Congress gets more Democratic (HIGHLY unlikely if Trump wins), he won’t get much done. Look at Barry-O. He had majorities in both houses for 2 years, but he was working on “CP Time” (Cautious Politician Time) As such, the clock ran out on him before he could get anything other than Romneycare done. By then, it was a Republican Congress and Barry had nothing left to do other than play Drone Wars on the White House Playstation.

    Assuming he can stay out of The Twit Zone, CP Time will not be a problem for Trump. He can’t even spell “cautious”. If Congress cock-blocks Trump, things will go fucking nuts. Trump’s biggest advantage may be his impatience and unstoppable ass-holiness. He wants it and he wants it now. Don’t fuck with him, or he’ll send the NSA into your dirty laundry bin and broadcast it to the world. (See Trump reading Lindsay Graham’s phone number on live TV.) It will be a modern version of the Salem Witch Trials.

    If America had trains, he’d get them to run on time.

      1. A President Trump will get more through Congress than a President Clinton. As I said, a President Trump will bring a filibuster-proof Republican Congress with him. Even if a President Hillary brings those kind of Democratic numbers, Barry-O has proven how useless a Democratic Double Majority is. Democrats are spineless pussies who can’t stick together as a team. But even in the Teabagger Era, Republicans generally follow the party line.

        President Trump will swing lots of votes once he’s got the NSA files on everyone….Congressional “Panama Papers” will appear. Videos of Senators having sex with pages, altar boys, trannies, sheep. Pictures of Lee Harvey Oswald shaking their hand. You name it. He will bribe, berate & blackmail. Any internal Republican opposition will fold like cheap tents and Democrats will oppose in muted tones at best.

        (Warning: lengthy hockey analogy ahead) Trump could be to politics what the 70’s Broad Street Bullies (aka Philadelphia Flyers) were to hockey. They were the roughest, toughest, craziest, team ever! Intimidation was central to their strategy. They won games even before stepping onto the ice. Opposing players caught the “Philly Flu” the morning of the game and “couldn’t play”. The Flyers were hated by everyone other than their rabid fans (ie Sedate Me). And that love/hate is what drove them. Like wrestling villains, they goaded opposing players & fans. Even when they lost, they won because they dominated the agenda. Here’s a taste.

        There are dozens of examples, but I (miraculously) limited myself to one. Normally, when dealing with a non-hockey crowd, I pick the LA Kings vs Flyers 79 brawl because it’s set to groovy music and was even more chaotic. But I went with this clip because it was a more appropriate Trump analogy. Effectively, this playoff game was the Flyers “swearing in ceremony”, the moment they turned their bullying into a championship winning strategy. The Atlanta Flames tried to stand up to the Flyers and got crushed. And they were FAR from the last victims. The Flyers actually were a good team, but they routinely beat teams far better than themselves…because they forced others to play by their rules and/or get run over. If I was a Hillary advisor, I’d be running hundreds of these Broad Street brawls on a tape-loop.

        Trump is a bully. If he can’t make a deal with you, he’ll find your weak-spot and viciously exploit it in public. (See: “”Low energy”, “Little Marco”, Cruz’s wife & dad) There is NO reason to believe he won’t do much worse to win important Congressional votes off-camera, especially when given access to the power of the Presidency. Win or lose, like the Broad Street Bullies, he will dominate the agenda no matter how hated/loved. Unlike the punching bag who is there now. And like the Flyers, a Trump victory will permanently change the game.

        And I think most people know it…and want it that way. (Certainly, if he gets elected.) And that’s the difference maker. People will cheer as “Marion Barry style” videos of people opposing Trump’s Wall will run on tape-loops on every news Reality TV Network.

        I hope I’m wrong, but if Trump manages to win…it could be a 4 year long bench clearing brawl in which those who oppose him are the Atlanta Flames.

      2. Atlanta Fla,es……Calgary….hahaha

        Sounds like Trump has found Hoover’s missing dossiers.

      3. Hey, there’s NO way you could’ve watched that clip in 3 minutes! Yes, it starts off a bit “genteel” by Flyer standards, but it really picks up after the 4 minute mark. Watch it and learn, damn you, or I’ll get all Dave “The Hammer” Schultz on you. 😉

        But yeah, the Atlanta Flames were a pretty decent team, especially for a new team in a city where ice doesn’t grow. But you can see how large & how amped-up the anti-Flyers crowds were in the clip. For some reason, the Flames folded after 8 decent seasons. Perhaps it was because the closest NHL team to the Flames was in Washington DC (aka the city responsible for burning Atlanta). And maybe because The Omni was rusting to the point where people could actually walk through holes in the walls and attend events without paying!

        So they moved to the tiny, insanely shaped, rink in Calgary (Been in it. Wow!) For some bizarre reason, they kept the name “Flames”. Maybe because the more logical “Calgary Cowboys” was taken by a rival league’s team that played there 3 years earlier….a team originally located in Philadelphia (See: a “Philadelphia Blazers” banner in the skating rink scene in the movie Rocky) until the Broad Street Bullies success ran them out of town.

        Buried somewhere in the meandering Canuckistan Nostalgia…is that even the most hated bullies are FAR more popular & successful than people like to think. Any success they have generates a feedback loop of further success & increased popularity. So, if Trump gets to sink his teeth into America…look out!!! All he needs is one “Air Traffic Controllers” moment and he’ll transform America the way Raygun did.

        Unfortunately, the Democrats are about to nominate…not the Boston Bruins who could fight back (Bernie?)….not the Montreal Canadiens, the most talented non-Soviet team ever (Bill Clinton?)….but the friggin California Golden Seals!!! Yes, they had some talent & loads of money behind them. But they were a bunch of boring pacifists who also had the fewest committed fans! The Flyers routinely barbecued the Seals!

        There’s my quota of hockey metaphors for 2016

      4. The link would not open….Doc Schultz…Flyers right? Seals were part of the old AHL right? I was a Colorado Rockies fan…AHL not NL….

      5. I’ve been writing an answer to that simple hockey question/s for a few days now. Because it’s so long, detailed & tangential….(even though still loosely connected to the political)….I think I’m going to add 2 links just so it will go into your SPAM bin. That way, you can still see it and it doesn’t have to see the light of day.

        Until then, keep trying that first video. It might not be obvious to the untrained eye. But just like Trump does, the video shows how the Flyers intentionally used chaotic brawls as a strategy. Can’t beat them with skill? Just keep hitting them with body blows until they tire out. Or start a brawl when you need a momentum-changer. Kind of like a squid squirting ink in the water to disorientate it’s opponent, only the water is frozen and the “ink” is blood.

        In this case, Atlanta was showing life, gaining momentum, and the home crowd felt it. Then the Flyers did their thing and made everyone forget everything that was happening only minutes before. Maybe Trump learned something from watching Flyer games at nearby Atlantic City casinos. Because he “sucks the air out of a room” like the Broad Street Bullies sucked the air out of opposing teams.

      6. But his rallies sure as hell look like that Flames-Flyers clip. (The obvious analogy I forgot to include.)

      7. So, you’re a former mild-appreciator of hockey -eh? Oh boy, you just stepped on a “bouncing Betty”!!! Cover your nuts cause here it comes!

        I’m a “recovering” hockey-history addict, specifically the 70’s…both the NHL and it’s intentionally forgotten arch-rival, the World Hockey Association (WHA). What can I say? I’m a Canuck who loves History & all things 1970’s. So you came to the right place for (lengthy) clarification.

        1) The California Golden Seals have a confusing history. They had several owners, several name changes (ie Oakland Seals) and several uniform changes. One version had white skates that looked like girls’ figure skates! The team also played in 2 leagues. In the 60’s, they played in a top minor league, the Western Hockey League (WHL). In 1967, they joined the NHL and were cursed from the start. They had All-Star talent, but could find a way to lose to a team of 10 yr olds. They once lost their sticks at the airport & had to borrow extras from the other team. But there wasn’t enough, so some players had to share.

        They moved to Cleveland in 76, struggled for 2 more years as the Barons and finally “merged” with the Minnesota North Stars. Ironically, Minnesota split into 2 teams in the early 90’s. One returned to the Bay Area (San Jose Sharks) and played in The Cow Palace (where Barry Goldwater won the Republican nomination) To add to the irony, the WHL Seals used to play in the Cow Palace. But when they joined the NHL in 1967, the NHL declared the arena “unfit” and ordered them to use the Oakland County Coliseum. Yet that very same arena was acceptable for them in the 90’s! There’s more to their story (ie the female skating-streaker), but I’ve already written more than enough about a team even its old fans don’t remember.

        2) The Colorado Rockies Just like the Seals, this team has a VERY confusing history intertwined with other leagues & teams. In 1974, the owner of the WHL’s Denver Spurs was awarded entry into the NHL for 1976-77. In the meantime, the WHL folded. So, the team was forced to join the vastly inferior Central Hockey League. After one season there, the owner begged the NHL to let them in a year early. But the NHL didn’t budge. Then he tried & failed to buy the California Golden Seals and move them to Denver. instead, the Spurs joined the NHL’s rival, the WHA. Like the Seals, their move to the majors was cursed. They couldn’t even get permission to sell beer..in 1970’s Colorado!!! Halfway through the season, they were quietly “sold” on New Years Eve & moved to Ottawa. But the team was shut down by the league after 4 games because of a super-bizarre dispute. The Denver ex-owner was selling off Ottawa players to other WHA teams, claiming he still owned their playing rights!

        In the meantime, the NHL stripped the Spurs of their NHL entry rights and allowed the Kansas City Scouts to move from their brand new Missouri arena (where Ford defeated Reagan at the convention that year) after only 2 seasons…and become the Colorado Rockies you were a fan of! Like the Seals, the Rockies had All-Star talent & the most famous coach ever…yet inexplicably sucked! In 1982, they moved to New Jersey and eventually became a great team that won several championships. However, as if they were ex-Nazis burying their past, the New Jersey Devils still absolutely refuse to acknowledge their 8 years in Denver & KC and rarely give out information on that era. This is why they & the Seals/Barons are the most forgotten teams in (post WW2) NHL history, despite playing 19 years combined.

        3) “Doc Schultz”? – I think you’re confusing legendary tough guy Dave “The Hammer” Schultz with “Doctor Hook” from the 1977 hockey movie, Slap Shot Dr Hook had a slight resemblance to Schultz & both wore reddish-orange uniforms covered in blood. (I’ve also read that “Doctor Hook” was the inspiration for Marvel Comic’s “Wolverine” character.)

        Slap Shot is unquestionably the greatest sports movie ever made, starring Academy Award winning actor, Paul Newman. And it’s practically a documentary. Virtually EVERY single person, team & incident in that insane film was a REAL player/team/event in the WHA’s minor league, the North American Hockey League. Only the names were changed to protect the guilty. The arenas the film used where NAHL arenas. Nearly every player was played by an actual NAHL player. Even the film’s utterly ludicrous “championship game” was a re-enactment of an NAHL championship game.

        Other examples…Ogie Ogilthorpe was actually super-goon, Goldie Goldthorpe, played by the movie’s unofficial co-writer who was a real-life player for Newman’s “Charlestown Chiefs” (aka Johnston Jets). Coincidentally, the NAHL had a team owned by the Philly Flyers. Dave “The Hammer” Schultz’s brother, Ray, played for it and the Syracuse team…the same team “Dr Hook” played for in the movie. Perhaps Ray Schultz was the real-life Dr Hook. So, you’re probably not far off the mark.

        As Slap Shot showed, the NAHL was a friggin’ madhouse! Crazy, violent…it was like Republicans-on-ice! I only wish I could have been there to see it. But Goldie & Bob Costas were.

        Dave Schultz was unique. Unlike 99% of fighters who are goons on & off the ice, Schultz was the politest, friendliest, most peaceful, “tough-guy” ever. He relied on his skills and almost never fought. Then the man put on a Flyer’s sweater and became an unstoppable monster, a total “Jekyll & Hyde”. One season, he got a staggering 472 penalty minutes, a record nobody has come close to since, even though they play 10 more games a season than back then. To put that stat in perspective, 2nd place that year (a fellow Flyer) got about HALF the penalty minutes.

        But Schultz also scored goals. One year, he got 20. In 1975, that would put you solidly in the top half of all players. So when “The Hammer” was on the ice, there was going to be a goal, a wild fight…or both. This is why he’s so well remembered while most tough-guys are quickly forgotten. Even today he’s still a Flyer-fan-favourite, despite playing only 4 full seasons with the team…40 years ago!

        And yes….that’s Schultz singing that 70’s Retro-Jazz song! He found time to record a 45 single in between re-arranging people’s faces.

        Sorry for dragging you into the alley behind the arena with me, just so I can have a major (totally tangential) hockey relapse. I’ve been clean for 10 years…and then Trump comes along and ruins it.

      8. So you are a recovering addict, eh? my addiction was a mild one until my 2 fave teams were playing for the Stanley in 1996 I believe…Devils and the Avalanche…the same year my local team won the Kelly Cup…so it was a good year and it has downhill ever since….now I am addicted to my long time sport…Formula One racing….go Ferrari!

      9. Devils -eh? As a Flyer fan, the Devils were an arch-enemy. And they played incomprehensibly boring hockey sent directly from Hell! Even worse, that horrible, lifeless, style caught on.

        I wonder how many Rockies/Avalanche fans don’t know the Devils used play in Denver. For decades, it would have been easier to get the US government to un-blacken the 9/11 Saudi Arabia Report than to get ANYTHING from the Devils about their Colorado/KC Days. I once saw a spokesperson angrily deny they ever played anywhere else. Sucky as they were, it’s still astounding to lop off almost a decade of your team history. It’s easier to find info on the (arguably worse) Seals/Barons team from 60’s than the KC/Colorado team that lasted into the early 80’s…a team that drew almost 10,000 more fans a game than the Seals!

        Avalanche -eh? I liked them a HELL of a lot better when they were the Quebec Nordiques. They started life as an original WHA team and they were great. They & the Winnipeg Jets could have beaten almost any team in the 70’s NHL. Quebec had highs & lows in the NHL, but they still had that great style of play. But then the totally needless douche-baggery that was the post-1990 NHL struck. The Nordiques were essentially run out of a city that loved them by the league.

        Actually, I DESPISE the entire President Bettman Era and everything for which it stands. HE’S a real Devil! Before him, hockey was “Devils-may-care” fun. Just watch the above videos! Click “View on YouTube” if you have to. Win or lose, those fans had fun. Even players the Flyers beat to a pulp had fun!

        Players got paid nothing, but didn’t really care. Hardly anybody hid under helmets, or whined about their stubbed toes. Shit, one Rockies player played with a friggin’ bandana and was probably stoned every game! Until the 80’s, it was ALL about the game & the fan’s enjoyment of it. They sold an entertainment product and made/lost money according to fan response. An honest day’s work.

        But then the whole thing became a very shifty corporate enterprise driven by greed & conspiracy. The desires of corporations..er…”Trumped” the fans. My enjoyment declined rapidly the day they allowed advertising on the boards in the late 80’s. Then there were the huge new corporately named stadiums with ZERO character and massive corporate boxes that divvied up fans according to class…ads on the steps..tickets that cost 100X as much as 20 years earlier. It just kept getting worse.

        Unmitigated greed ruled owners & the players. Teams were moved not because they weren’t viable, but because owners (& a few went to jail) thought they could make more elsewhere. Teams in solid hockey cities like Minnesota were stolen…and new teams given…to places where it never snows! (Curiously almost all victims were Canadian & former WHA teams…Quebec, Winnipeg, Hartford and almost even Edmonton). There were strikes & lockouts and even a cancelled Stanley Cup. (The only other time was during the 1918 Spanish Flu that actually killed players!) After that sacrilege, I haven’t watched one single minute of the NHL since. “Ten years clean and counting.”

        Even the fans stopped caring about the fun. Like so many other sports, it became all about losers trying to be part of a “winner”. (ie: another strategy Trump copied). Everything became way too serious and winning the game mattered more than enjoying the game. Many fans even tried to get rich off ticket/merchandise flipping. Most of these idiots went broke trying…and tying to pay for tickets!

        Just like with politics, the whole thing makes me wish I had a time machine. Because I can barely watch either of my former passions anymore without throwing up.

        (Man, I need to stop this relapse!)

      10. I feel the same way about Formula One….I started in the days of little to no sponsors and no huge driving contracts. Today it is boring to the max….

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