The Facade of Israel is Cracking

For sixty years the western media has protected Israel from any sort of negative PR no matter the extent of their depravity……but thanx to social media their actions are being reported and seen by many many people……most of whom have no idea the actions that Israel will take to depress the Palestinians under their control…..

Just look at the demolitions that the media refuses to print……

Social media is making it possible for the western world to see what the Middle East has known the whole time…..and it seems to be working……

For many more years than any intelligent person would want to count, Israel was the sacred cow of the United States. From its violent, bloody, genocidal inception that involved the ethnic cleansing…

Source: The Facade of Israel is Cracking

Little by little the world is seeing just how oppressive the Israeli government can be.

It is about damn time!

9 thoughts on “The Facade of Israel is Cracking

  1. Thanks to Social Media, millions more know about every Israeli supermodel’s latest “nip-slip” than the 50-60 folks who know for the first time that Israel occasionally does bad shit.

      1. “Shit” is the operative word. The Inter-webs is a haystack of shit with one, or two, needles buried inside it…and half of them are infected with hepatitis.

        What were the numbers in that link you posted here a while back? The average Web-piper spends 90 seconds a day/week looking at news? Twelve hours a day posting pics of their breakfast & reading about celeb breakups, but just 90 seconds skimming a story on the Panama Papers…and that’s just because they saw Jackie Chan’s name in a headline on their MSN homepage.

        While 1-2% use it semi-responsibly and get something decent out of it, those are the folk who probably already knew what the real score is anyway. On the whole, the Inter-webs is a HUGE (Punster Alert!) net negative for society.

      2. Not all social media is posting pics and vids…..some of us follow news sources…..mindless pursuits are just that…..

  2. Yes, meaningful content actually does exist on the Interwebs. It’s not all “mindless pursuits”. Just 99.9% of it. That proper contextualization was exactly my sarcastic point. (more sarcastic, cynical, overdrawn, points to follow)

    You probably Surf responsibly. You probably even use Social Media (I despise that term) as responsibly as it can be used. But you’re a fucking unicorn! Don’t forget that. Shit, even within the unicorn community, your interest in foreign affairs makes you somewhat unusual, at least for an American unicorn.

    If I recall, all cable “news” networks combined get less than 2% of viewers (or whatever). And after reading that article I referenced, TV watchers (while still mostly morons) are by FAR the most “informed” people, even though they’re stuck with the Mainstream Media. As for the Interweb folk not “stuck” with the Mainstream Media, their contact with anything NOT mindless is statistically incidental. Even the people who want to inform themselves on the Interwebs usually get distracted fairly quickly, or sucked into a black hole of pointless ideological dung-throwing.

    Back in my day…
    (Sedate Me adjusts his colostomy bag and takes a sip of Metamucil)
    …there were just a handful of channels. At 6 & 11, they ALL showed the news and a better quality newscast at that. So, the ONLY media choice you had was “Which newscast?”. Your only other options were to go outside and get some fresh air, do some chores…or worse yet, (cue ominous thunder & lightning) spend time with your family! Everybody watching TV during those hours had a decent base-knowledge. Channel choice -and later the Interwebs- annihilated that common base-knowledge. There is precious little common anything today and stupidity is absolutely bottomless. You give people ANY choice in their media consumption and 99% will mindlessly consume mindless drivel 99% of the time. Social Media is currently at the forefront of that.

    Remember, you’re standing on the Olympic podium receiving a Media Usage medal surrounded by other Olympic-level competitors. However, if they turned up the house lights, you’d notice that you’re in the centre of a 100,000 seat stadium where, aside from 10-20 losers in the front row booing you & chanting “Drudge! Drudge! Drudge!”, everyone else is taking “selfies”, “upskirts” of the teenage girl sitting beside them, updating their Loserbook status to “boared styff”, or swiping photos of people offering to hook up with them in one of the stadium’s toilet stalls.

    That’s the overall Social Media landscape. And within that context, accurate stories about what Israel actually does is like a fart in a hurricane. Some perceptive folks notice the smell (& appreciate it?), but everyone else is just swept away in the melee.

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