How Refugees Are Selected, Vetted, and Settled in the United States

Today is the day after too much food and lots of napping……I will be busy with preparing a lesson plan for the class I will teach soon….so sorry but today’s post are ones that I have scheduled to publish……comments will be slow in coming but they will come…..I will return to form on Monday….thanx for your understanding…….

I know you small minded people do not want to hear the facts… had rather listen to those micor-brains like King or Cruz or Trump or well you pick a Tea Party douche bag….they all think alike…..H.H.

This is the process that you worry about……The process can take up to three years to complete.

Source: How Refugees Are Selected, Vetted, and Settled in the United States

Sorry, I know that we must have an enemy to divert our attention from the real issues of the nation……instead many hang on to the myths that is being spread like crap on a cracker…..

Source: A Guide To The Right-Wing Media Myths About Syrian Refugees In The Wake Of The Terror Attacks In Paris | Research | Media Matters for America

I know this will most likely fall on deaf ears because NO one among these people will face up to the truth of their misguided beliefs…..

Hopefully you will not have to taste the wrath of this type of bullying…..

4 thoughts on “How Refugees Are Selected, Vetted, and Settled in the United States

  1. Since I have a policy of keeping friends close, and, enemies closer, I allow the White House to send me all the emails they inundate the country with, detailing the lies they’re working on getting past the public. I saw the video you posted above, though I didn’t bother to listen; why bother? it’s all a lie, anyway.’

    I find my best defense is to ignore 99% of their proclamations, and just watch what they do.

    gigoid, the dubious, for good reason


  2. Yes,had read the top one before…
    Thanks for the 2nd….
    Not any candidates to chose from in your coming election me thinks…
    No worries we have the same here…
    I am supporting Corbyn….
    Things have never looked so bright!

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