Heartbreaking: Here’s What A U.S Soldier Said When Asked To Justify The War On Terror

I thought I could offer up an introduction to this piece…..but after reading it…..not much more needs to be said……a great piece….well worth the time it takes to read it……

Source: Heartbreaking: Here’s What A US Soldier Said When Asked To Justify The War On Terror

Time To Spread Their Wings

Most Americans are aware of the situation in Israel and the Occupied Lands…..granted most of it id extremely biased….but this protest looks like it will be a lengthy one…..and Israel is doing all it can to make it as violent as possible and as one sided as can be….this way they keep some of their sympathies from 1948…..

For instance, they have passed a law that makes throwing a rock punishable by 20 years in prison (most arrested do not get the much time but they are arrested)…..plus the IDF has orders to shoot to kill with the stone throwers….and yet they still come out and attack tanks and armed troops with rocks…..

Sorry but that says something about their resolve…at least to me…..

In a recent poll in Israel the findings are disturbing…….

Over 50 percent of Israelis think that Palestinians suspected of carrying out terror activities “should be killed on the spot,” says a new think-tank poll. The hardening stance comes as 6 more Israelis were injured and 2 attackers killed over the weekend.

New shocking data has revealed that “a majority of Jewish Israelis (53%) … said they agreed with the statement that ‘any Palestinian who has perpetrated a terror attack against Jews should be killed on the spot,’” the survey, carried out by the Jerusalem-based Israel Democracy Institute, said.

The extrajudicial killings were supported even after the suspects have been arrested and “no longer pose a threat,” the self-described “non-partisan ‘think-and-do tank’ dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Israeli democracy” said on its website.


Funny not much mention of the Jewish settlers that are attacking Palestinians , burning their crops before they can be harvested…….so to me this is a case of ethnic cleansing…..the sad part it appears to be “sanctioned”……the West has turned a blind eye and that gives Israel a free hand…..

It is time for Palestine to be reborn…..I know that the Palestinian people loathe the wall and all it stands for…..but why nopt use that obscene structure to your advantage?

I wrote a piece awhile back for “Legationes” explaining what I am writing…..

Source: Let the Wall define Palestine | Legationes

I believe that this can be pulled off…..it will not be easy or quick…..but what have the Palestinians got to lose?

the intolerance of force

I am always looking for a way to give the Palestinians a voice…..for their stories are ignored by the Western Press….

I found a Palestinian single mother that struggles with life under Occupation…..her words are powerful trying to cope and raise her four children….her words are perfect to put a human face on the Palestinian cause..

Please take some time a read her words…..I believe they will open eyes of the world….chuq

Nadia Issam Harhash

I woke up this morning on the screams of Serena and Yasmina asking me to wake up and to have my mobile on a scene that was occurring out of our window.

Still half awake half sleep from an unknown source of pain that hasn’t been allowing me to sleep recently, I stood up at the window watching. It was right under our home.

A police or army car, it really doesn’t make any difference any more was standing opposite the road, while another huge car more of a military one was stopping next to ours. A group of soldiers were surrounding the young man, whom I could only see his jacket and hitting him in all directions and pulled him to one of the cars. I think they kept hitting him until more help came in.

After the scene ended, I headed back to bed, still half asleep my…

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There Will Never be Peace In The Middle East

Today BiBi comes to Washington to be sure that the “dogs” still remember their obedience training …..and I would bet there will be little mention of the problems Israel is having trying to subjugate the Palestinians…..I’m sure it will all be ignored as “self-defense”….something that Israel will not allow the Palestinians to practice…..

Recently when asked about the chances of a peace deal in the Middle East Obama said……

President Obama “has concluded that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is beyond reach during his presidency and will press Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take steps to preserve the mere possibility of a two-state solution,” the Washington Post reports.

“The issue has taken on greater importance with the recent wave of stabbings carried out by Palestinians against Israelis, senior administration members said during a conference call with reporters about Netanyahu’s visit next week.”

“………Greater importance with the recent wave of stabbings carried out by Palestinians……..”?  WTF?

No mention has been made of the opposite side of the conflict……

IMEMC News: The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported, on Monday evening November 2, that 74 Palestinians, including 17 children and two women, have been killed by Israeli army fire, and more than 2355 have been injured, since October 1, 2015.

Somehow that stat is NOT important enough to mention……to be truthful…..there have been about 10 Israelis killed with others wounded…..

Can you see why the Palestinians could be a bit pissed?

The media makes it out as the Palestinians are the only ones that are committing crimes……did you know that a rock thrower now could be sentenced to 20 years in an Israeli prison?

At what point does the Western press stop pretending that they are unbiased?  Are they afraid of what will happen if they give the American people the truth or the real news?

The US needs to stop blindly supporting a country that is committing more crimes against humanity than the Russians…..

Can you now see why the world,  especially the Arab world,  has a dislike for American policies?

Divide And Conquer

Today I want to focus on the newest round of protests in the Occupied Territories….the media has not done a proper job at reporting this situation….there will be several posts on the newest “intifada”……

How many times have you heard this famous quote?  But who actually originated it?

Perhaps it was Julius Caesar….after all it is Latin…..”divide et impera”…..there is no good source of who actually voiced these famous words….so screw it!

It is a good military tactic….I mean if you can get a population turning on itself then you have pretty much won the engagement, right?

By now most Americans know of all the trouble brewing in the Holy Land….Israel has its hands full trying to subvert the Palestinians in the West Bank….unfortunately we Americans only know one side of the conflict….the Israeli side and as with most other conflicts there are two sides that need to be told…..

Sorry I digress…..I bring up the famous quote now because the Israelis are trying to recruit within the Palestinian ranks to fight other Palestinians…..

Israel pushes Druze and Christian Palestinians to join army to minimalise resistance to occupation.

Source: Israeli Army’s “sectarian recruiting” – Al Jazeera English

This tactic tells me that they, the Israeli military, is afraid that the violence will get out of hand and the world will focus on the tactics and policies that the Israelis have imposed on Palestinians that is part of the source of the most recent round of protests…..

Israel cannot afford the truth to get out……world support is the only thing that keeps Israel in power….the truth will threaten that strangle-hold they have on the media and the support that they have…..

And this is where I come in….I will continue to report the stuff the MSM refuses to let the world know…

After all I may be an American but my soul is Palestinian……