Happy Thanksgiving–2015

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving…..a day when we think about all the blessings we have in our lives and in doing so give thanks for those blessings.

This will be my only post today for I will be spending the day with the people I love most…..and yes we will be eating….eating lots…….first, assorted apps like fruit, nuts, cheese and a fine Spanish Rose and then on to the main attraction…..ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, peas, corn and my daughter’s cheese cake…it is to die for……and after all that….a good nap is in order.

Please when you are thank whatever deity you believe in for the pleasures in life like food, family and shelter …..take some time and thank him/her that you are NOT someone that the rest of the world hates because they do not have the pleasures of life that you have…..

Go out and enjoy your time…..and get some fun in also……

I will be back in force tomorrow……

Peace out

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving–2015

  1. A tad late for me! Canadian Thanksgiving was about 6 weeks ago. But I still have turkey left in the freezer. Enjoy yours.

    Having Thanksgiving in October beats the shit out of having it when you Americans do. Your Thanksgiving is completely overshadowed (if not erased altogether) by the consumerist orgy & greed festival that is Christmas. Thanksgiving is now closer to the opposite of what it’s supposed to be; a time to be humble & thankful for what you got, not a time to stoke your already bottomless appetite for even more unneeded shit. Hell, people are increasingly forced to work on the holiday as the “more important” day after has now sprawled into theactual holiday.

    And don’t get me started on the utter obscenity that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. That despicable non-holiday has now crept across the border into Canuckistan. This despite the fact that this week is actually just another regular work week. That’s how powerful the corporate skull-fucking is. Some Canucks take a day off work just to participate in this trumped-up, American, bullshit. More & more Canadian stores hype this up every year. It’s an embarrassment to Canada.

    Me, I’m a Buy Nothing Day kind of guy. This movement combines both my intense hatred of consumerism and my sarcastic, contemptuous, (some say “passive aggressive”) nature into one tidy little package. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buy_Nothing_Day

    While it’s the one protest you can actually participate in by doing absolutely nothing. I like the protests the artsy crowd brings to the table. First, there’s the Whirl Mart protest where uniformed “shopping teams” grab shopping carts, form a conga-line and walk a few laps of the store without buying anything. (Sometimes, they fill their carts and return everything on the way out.)

    Then there’s the Zombie Shopper Attacks, where people mock the mindless consumer zombies they encounter.

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