American Arabs reflect on US military service

It is Veterans Day and I read this piece about Arab-Americans and their service to America….there will be some that will not like this piece for to them all Arabs are evil simply because of their religion…..but they have served this country as have others…..maybe it is time to stop blame everyone for the barbaric actions of others……

On Veterans Day on November 11, Americans of Mideast origin weigh in on military experience for their adopted country.

Source: American Arabs reflect on US military service – Al Jazeera English

These people deserve ALL the respect that is given to others… me an American vet is just that….an American veteran…..PERIOD!

Veterans Day–2015 #2

Today we honor our veterans from our wars……this will be my last post of the day….as a Vietnam Vet I am taking the day to remember fallen friends and reflect on life and liberty…..

My days of war came twice…….October 1967-October 1968 and March of 1969-March 1971…..during those days I was assigned to the 9th Infantry Division and then MACV….and during those times I was a LRRP….Long Range Recon……and then the Rangers (by default)……

Maybe I should pause here and explain why when I mention I was a Ranger I always say “by default not choice”……when I was in Vietnam I was in the LRRPs then we were reflagged as Co. E 50th infantry of 9th infantry division and then re-flagged again when the Rangers were re-started and we became Co. E 75th Rangers……so I became a Ranger by default…..sorry to the Rangers……but I will always be a LRRP.


This lengthy video is about my days of fighting…..not my unit specifically but rather all LRRP units…….please watch it….these men deserve more recognition than they have ever gotten….for their legacy is ties up in that of the Rangers…..

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter……

Please take some time today and remember those vets that did not return….

Have a great day my friends……..

Now go out and enjoy your day with family and friends….

Tomorrow will be another day…….

Veterans Day 2015 #1

Today is the day that the government has set aside for the recognition and remembrance of our veterans and their contributions to this country.

A day that I usually go on my rants about the treatment of our veterans and this year will be NO different.

This country owes a debt that cannot be paid to our veterans…..mainly because of the moronic belief that the government owes these people very little for their service.  Think I am wrong?  Then look at Congress and the inactivity there is on veterans issues and the budget cuts to the VA….just to mention a couple of the cowardly moves by politicians.

Veterans make great props for their re-elections, a good photo ops and great slogans but that is as far as they will go to see that veterans are cared for in an appropriate manner.

This country calls out and our people volunteer to go and fight for this country and when they return they get….SQUAT!

The ones that are wounded have to depend on begging the citizenry for money to help make them whole again.  These are wonderful organizations that do great work… point is that vets should NOT need to beg for the help they need and the people should get off their lazy asses and demand that the veterans get everything they need to recovery from their injuries…..FREE!

Look at the latest conflict….the righteous war against the barbaric ISIS……just the money alone……

Ongoing operations in Iraq and Syria to confront the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State cost an estimated $7 million to $10 million per day, the Department of Defense said

An analysis of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a “lower-intensity air campaign” would cost between $2.4 billion and $3.8 billion a year, a “higher intensity air campaign” would cost $4.2 billion to $6.8 billion, while an all-out “boots on the ground” campaign would cost $13 billion to $22 billion.

That amount of budgetary cash would treat how many veterans?

The American government treats troops like tools……good until it breaks then you discard and get some new tools…….these tools are our sons and daughters, fathers and mother, brothers and sisters….they deserve better than this country seems willing to give.

It is Veterans Day….take some time to remember all those that never return home…..and the ones that return with debilitating injuries……..then take a moment and ask yourself if you truly support our troops or if it is all just a way to soothe your conscience.

Supporting that troops is more than a bumper sticker or a flag or kind words…….these brave people did what you wanted of them….now it is time that YOU do what is needed to truly support them.