A Conspiracy Under Every Rock

I enjoy a good conspiracy like anyone else….the problem is most of them are not good at all……most of the conspiracies especially the ones put forth by the faux news organizations like WND or that rag InfoWars are just bullsh*t in news clothing….

We have gotten all sorts of conspiracies in the last 8 years or so…..they run the gambit from FEMA to Sharia to immigrants to gay people…..most of these are bullsh*t but they were repeated long enough that they are part of the political and social conversation now……..which is just plain sad.

I have even had some people that I consider competent and rational that spend their waking moments helping spread the lies (oh sorry conspiracies)……I admit that I have read a few stories that I had to write about that I thought would make excellent conspiracies….sadly not too many have made it into the lexicon of Right wing crap.

My latest attempt to fuel a conspiracy was the election in the town of Hamtramck, Michigan……

Polish-Catholics made up 90% of Hamtramck, Mich., in the 1970s, but much has changed since—including a city council that’s mostly Muslim after Tuesday’s elections, likely making it the first US city to have a Muslim-majority council, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A local community leader tells the Detroit Free Press that “Hamtramck has made history” with a contest that wasn’t even close among the six candidates vying for three seats. Anam Miah and Abu Musa, incumbent city councilmen, each got more than 1,000 votes, as did newbie Saad Almasmari, while the other three candidates garnered fewer than 700 votes each. Because census reports don’t ask about religion, it’s not clear what the Muslim population of Hamtramck is, though estimates run between 30% and 50%, the Free Press notes. Only 12% of the populace remains Polish, per US Census figures cited by the paper, with Arabs making up 24%, African Americans 19%, and Bangladeshis 15%.

It’s not the first time Muslims in Hamtramck have made their mark. In 2004, the city OKed the Muslim call to prayer being broadcast from mosques’ loudspeakers, spurring some noise complaints, per the Free Press. And Muslim organizer Ibrahim Algahim is making waves via a cellphone video in which he reportedly said of election results, “Today we show the Polish and everybody else.” That prompted a losing candidate to tell Fox 2 Detroit, “I’m shocked that he said that. I cannot believe that he would ever profile any select group.” But Almasmari—a Yemeni who moved to the US in 2009 and became a US citizen in 2011, per UPI—rejects that. “I don’t believe in [Algahim’s statement],” he tells Fox 2. “As a city council member, I’m going to work for everybody … because I got elected for everybody.”

I thought this would feed the paranoia that invades every part of this society……looks like I was mistaken…..but it is still early…….and after all we are in the middle of an election and who knows where the stupid will take us?

Paranoia is in our bloodstream. And with the emergence of social media, we’re more misinformed than ever before……and we seem to dine on fear……

Source: 10 right-wing conspiracy theories that have slowly invaded American politics – Salon.com

What fresh Hell will the Right wing give America next?

Heads Will Roll!

Think back a couple of years (in today’s time limits….a lifetime ago)…..(pause here for the slow)…..the outrage was the beheading of prisoners by ISIS…..an American was one of the first….and the world went batcrap crazy……oh the barbarity!

Since ISIS began their campaign of terror and barbarity there is no accurate way to determine just how many people have lost their heads to ISIS……it is reported that this group has killed hundreds maybe even thousands…..like I say there is no accurate way to determine that I am aware of at this time.

I bring this up for a simple reason….Saudi Arabia….it seems that America’s greatest ally in the Middle East has taken it upon itself to behead more people than possibly ISIS.

Say what?

That is accurate……in 2015 so far the Saudis have behead 151 people…..

Saudi Arabia has executed at least 151 people so far this year – the most put to death in a single year since 1995.

The stark rise in the number of executions has seen, on average, one person killed every two days, according to the human rights group, Amnesty International.

The large number of executions shed further light on what Amnesty referred to as unfair judicial proceedings, with a disproportionate imposition of capital punishment on foreign nationals.

In total, 71 people executed so far in 2015 have been foreigners. The majority were migrant workers from poorer countries who are often sentenced to die without any knowledge of the court’s proceedings because they don’t speak Arabic and do not receive translations.

Why does Saudi Arabia get a free ride from the US…..they somehow are in the same category as Israel……we here tend to avoid criticizing them on their handling of situations…..

Sorry people……beheading no matter who wields the axe/sword is an act of barbarity and does not belong in a civilized world….but I guess you can do what you want if you are flush with cash and influence…..

Apparently cash can buy a whole lot of hypocrisy……

Just thought you should know……

Turn The Page!

Death Comes To Jordan

Do you recall the deaths of two Americans in Jordan just last week?

In case you have forgotten…..I know how quickly we Americans can forget stuff……

Two American instructors and a South African were killed by a police officer at a training center in Jordan on Monday before the shooter was killed by security forces, reports CNN. Two Americans and four Jordanians were also wounded in the incident, which took place in the cafeteria of the US-backed Jordan International Police Training Center in Muwaqqar, outside the capital of Amman, per NBC News. One Jordanian died later in the hospital, reports Al Jazeera; a government rep says one of the wounded Americans is in critical condition. The Guardian reports the facility is used by security officers from across the Middle East, while the BBC notes it hosts mainly Palestinian and Iraqi officers.

Though details of the incident are still sketchy, the timing has raised concerns of a link to the al-Qaeda suicide bombing attacks on hotels in Amman, which left almost 60 people dead exactly 10 years ago, reports the New York Times. Jordanian media initially reported the incident as “accidental,” but the government rep now calls the shooting a “crime.” He adds an investigation is underway. A government-run newspaper identifies the shooter as a veteran police officer who formerly served as a captain in the criminal investigation department before being moved to the training center.

There has been a wealth of chatter about the deaths of 2 Americans in Jordan……most of it by people that are upset that these deaths were American and they set about throwing all sorts of accusations about the region and its inhabitant’s hate for Americans…..I wish they had shown the same amount of concern when another American of Arab descent was brutally beaten by Israeli officials……but that was another day and after all he was a Palestinian-American visiting his grandparents in the country they lived….(sad that anyone would think like that…but it is the times we live).  (Makes me think of the attack on the USS Liberty)……

First, these people were not American troops….they were in fact private “security consultants”…..in real life they are mercenaries,  that term they hate so to be political correct, you know that term that most Righties despise, working with the Jordanians on a defense contract……in case there is some confusion….I detest people that use the term “political correctness” as some sort of argument because they have nothing else to use….these are the same people that find one incident and use it as a sample of what the entire issue is about….

Sorry…I digress…..

The big question is why would Jordanians, our friends, turn on a couple of Americans?

Preliminary investigations indicate that the perpetrator, a former officer in an investigations department who was sent to the camp, has no known ties to terrorist organizations. On the other hand, the incident, in which several others were injured, occurred on the 10th anniversary of Al-Qaida attacks on three hotels in Amman, which killed more than 60 people.

“It’s hard to ignore that connection – especially on a day in which newspapers in Jordan are mentioning the country’s determination to combat terrorism and its successes so far,” one Jordanian analyst told Haaretz. “I hope the investigation shows that this was a madman and not a deliberate attack by Al-Qaida or ISIS.”

One could, perhaps, look for a link between the shooting attack and ISIS. For years this particular police camp has trained Iraqi fighters and Libyan and Yemeni rebels, as well as Syrian opposition forces. Three years ago there was a “revolt” by Libyan trainees who complained of the harsh conditions and the food there. They broke equipment and furniture, and threatened to hurt their instructors if they were not moved to luxurious hotels and chauffeured to camp. Since then there have been no incidents there.

ISIS has no reason to attack the camp since Jordan has since stopped training Syrian fighters there, mainly for lack of volunteers. This followed a U.S. admission that its ambitious program to train 3,000 Syrian rebels had failed. Al-Qaida does indeed have a score to settle with Jordan, but this attack was not its style.


So the reason for the attack is still unclear….but it may be nothing more than a pay back….a debt that these people had to pay for with their lives….

Will we ever get the rest of the story on this attack?  My guess will be……NO!

life on the verge of existence…. my article in huffington post italia

Another excellent piece written by a woman trying to live and raise her family under occupation.

Please take some time to read her thoughts they are eye opening…..chuq

Nadia Issam Harhash

I have never thought that I would seriously leave home thinking I may not make it back, or this could be the last time I see my children. I am usually the negligent mother who allows her children to do it all independently. I have no idea how they get dressed and get ready to go to school since years. These days are different. It is true that since we became a smaller family, after my two elder children left to universities, we somehow became more intimate. These days, I feel that I have to wake up first. I ask them to be careful as they leave. I make them promise me that they will not be involved in any unsuitable situation. I take a deep breath and pray for their safety, and somehow I try to gain my sanity and think… Ok woman, Relax. They are not any better…

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Is It time to withdraw from the Middle East?

This post is going to make all those that fear everything to think that I have lost my ever loving mind…..I may have but not about this situation.

I also realize that there are those that think that if the US leaves the Middle East that somehow makes us look weak….was America weak when Reagan pulled our troops out of Beirut?  Nope he saw that our presence was becoming a magnet for every wacko with a cause and as a result many Marines had to die.

A case can be made, although there are many who will not see it no matter how much evidence is presented, that our invasion has lead to much of the problems we face today….

There is an alternative to sending more and more troops to an area that has become a death trap…..

American-led airstrikes recruit as many terrorists as they kill. How many times must we repeat the same mistakes?

Source: It’s time to withdraw from the Middle East: Military intervention is only making terrorism worse. It’s time for a radical pivot – Salon.com

Your thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East

Most of the news these days about how the US and its “buds” are going to handle the bad guys in the Middle East…..we hear all about the airstrikes, aboiut Russia, about ISIS and then there is Turkey, the Kurds and the ‘moderate’ rebels……all in all a confusing mess.

But with all this  back and forth, chest thumping…..there is one thing that few have considered…..

Source: Syria and Iraq Will Define the Future of the Middle East | Middle East Briefing