What Do You Fear The Most?

I am always fascinated by what we Americans choose to fear……according to some blogs it is creeping socialism (this from a people that have NO idea what socialism is) or possibly the refugees, then there are the immigrants that are stealing thousands of American jobs….or possibly a liberal or for that matter a conservative….my point being is that we Americans are always finding something to fear and the media does its best to feed whatever fear that may be……

But what do we really fear?

Yep, there was a survey to determine this question (there is always a survey or study or poll to help us fear this or that)…….

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”—well, that and almost 90 other things. California’s Chapman University last week came out with its second annual Survey of American Fears. The 1,541 adults who were polled were asked about 89 (by our count) fears that fall into what the university describes as four basic categories: personal fears, natural disasters, paranormal fears, and drivers of fear behavior. Participants were asked to assign a number to each fear ranging from 1 (not afraid) to 4 (very afraid), explains the school in a blog post. The following top 10 fears represent those in which the highest percentage of adults said they were “afraid” or “very afraid.”

  1. Corruption of government officials: 58.0%
  2. Cyber-terrorism: 44.8%
  3. Corporate tracking of personal information: 44.6%
  4. Terrorist attacks: 44.4%
  5. Government tracking of personal information: 41.4%
  6. Bio-warfare: 40.9%
  7. Identity theft: 39.6%
  8. Economic collapse: 39.2%
  9. Running of out money in the future: 37.4%
  10. Credit-card fraud: 36.9%

Our top personal anxiety (at No. 17) is reptiles; public speaking comes in at No. 26, with heights just behind at 28; drones occupy No. 46; and we’re more afraid of romantic rejection (No. 76) than we are ghosts (No. 78) and zombies (No. 83). What occupies the final slot? That would be others judging the way we dress, at 4.2%. Full list here.

Now that we have an “official” list……it appears that the majority is not at all afraid of those pesky illegals….of course this report will be wrong simply because it will not feed their hatred and their fear…….

What are you most in fear of happening?  Are you normal or are you out-there?

Clowns, Morons, Imbeciles And Immature Twats

The best entertainment there is on the news these days is the games the GOP and the candidates are playing with each other……the candidates are pouting about their performance on CNBC debate and of course it is the media’s fault that they are clueless toads….

I have tried to put together a post about the games being played over the future debates and it is a daunting task…first, I cannot get through the research without laughing so hard I damn near pee and second…where to begin?

The last GOP debate was a debacle….the candidates were pouting , the moderators of CNBC were mean and the network has issued a statement to not pile on CNBC…..all in all it was a hilarious 2 hours of one liners and insults….just what the candidates ordered….it accomplished nothing….no ideas were offered and definitely nothing new was had by the viewers…..

The candidates have stood together to get what they want (or did they?)….the debate (that is after the FOX Business debate) will be what they want to talk about and nothing else……but what can we expect in the next debate later this month?

The debate about the GOP debates looks set to rumble on. Reps from at least 11 campaigns met at a hotel in the DC suburbs for a strategy meeting on Sunday night and emerged with a list of changes they want made after last week’s widely criticized CNBC debate. The New York Times reports that the campaigns have agreed to demand 30-second or longer opening and closing statements for all candidates, an even distribution of both speaking time and the “parity and integrity” of questions asked, and vetting of any on-screen graphics about the candidates to be aired during the debates.

The campaigns agreed that they, not the Republican National Committee, should take charge of negotiating terms with the networks, the Hill reports. “They’ll continue to do logistics and all that kind of stuff. But they’re a partner. They’re not our boss,” says Ben Carson’s campaign manager. The campaigns were split on several issues, including reinstating the next NBC debate, which Jeb Bush’s people wanted and Donald Trump’s team didn’t, and doing away with “undercard” debates, which reps from the Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Santorum campaigns called for, the Times reports. A source tells the Washington Post that the campaigns agreed early on that any changes can wait until after next week’s Fox Business Network debate.

Is anyone else just tickled at the way the GOP is handling this issue?  I mean come on….these toads look like a bunch of 4th graders on the playground trying to out stupid each other…..

And what in their demands means that they will appear more professional?

Plus the next debate is a FOX debate…..what will be earth shattering about a channel that will hand them softball questions……just what the clowns ordered…….

To me these people are acting like 4th graders at the playground when things do not go their way……prima donas……

With all the rebellion there seems to be a rebellion within the rebellion…..and of course our boy from Manhattan leads the way…….

The Republican campaigns’ joint effort to change upcoming GOP debates has cracked. After a meeting Sunday, the campaigns issued a three-page letter calling for no “lightning round” and the temperature in debate halls to be “below 67 degrees.” But as New York puts it, “the revolt against the RNC was fun while it lasted.” Donald Trump has announced that he’ll negotiate with TV networks on his own, while Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Carly Fiorina each say they won’t sign the letter. Trump’s campaign manager says he can “negotiate the best deals … which will ultimately help all of the candidates,” per the Washington Post. But Ben Carson’s camp says his undertaking is all for show. “Trump’s basically asking for the same thing” as the other candidates, a rep says. “He’s just going to do it with his own letterhead.”

Still, Trump’s move is a blow that “would undercut the leverage that the Republican campaigns have in pressing the networks to meet their demands,” reports the New York Times. An RNC rep says the candidates “will be and always should be determining the best format for them.” However, network execs are obviously frustrated. “We agreed to this and now you’re saying you’re not agreeing?” says one. “Do you want Ben Carson deciding who your moderators are? The answer is no,” adds another. Fiorina’s campaign, which didn’t send a rep to Sunday’s meeting, says she doesn’t care “whether it’s 67 degrees or our green room isn’t as plush as another candidate.” Likewise, Christie says his rivals should “stop complaining. Do me a favor, set up a stage, put podiums up there and let’s just go. Okay?”

One of the best summaries of what is going on in the GOP is found on MSNBC’s Maddow’s show…….check out the link and her handling the chaos that idiots built……..

Source: The Republicans’ debate debate: ‘chaos with a side of chaos’ | MSNBC

The RNC is scrambling around trying to appear to have a handle on all this craziness…..personally I think they are an epic failure…..

Does anyone in the RNC or the GOP have any idea of what is happening?  Right now they all look like a deer caught in the headlights…..

Can my readers of anything more humorous than the games these toads are playing?

Master Bullsh*ter Is Dead

Do you remember the days prior to our ill informed invasion of Iraq in 2003?  One name should stick in your head…Chalabi.

This person spread more misinformation than WND has ever thought about spreading…….

Ahmad Chalabi was once a US darling who was supposed to lead Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But with his death of a heart attack Tuesday at the age of 71, Chalabi’s legacy is a much different one: He’s now known mostly as the Iraqi figure who used faulty information about weapons of mass destruction to persuade the US to topple Saddam, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s unclear whether Chalabi himself knew the information was bogus. Here’s how the New York Times puts it: “As it became clear that the evidence he promoted as proving that Mr. Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction was, if not fabricated, then manipulated and exaggerated, the Bush administration distanced itself from him.”

The split became even more pronounced a year after the invasion when US forces invaded his home looking to prove accusations that he was spying for Iran. The only charges that resulted, however, involved forged bank notes, reports the Guardian. “There are some people who will remember him in a good way, and there are others, to be honest, do not like and did not want his politics,” former prime minister Ayad Allawi tells Reuters. “But regardless, Iraq lost a man who had an important contribution, important commitments towards the nation and he tried to offer what he could to this country.” Chalabi was a member of parliament at the time of his death.

Reports of his death makes him seem like some sort of hero to the world…..which is total crap!

Years before the invasion he was tried in absentia in Jordan for bank fraud among other crimes and sentenced….so not only was he a liar but a crook and felon…..and on the lamb from the Jordanian authorities…..

The media seems to be trying to pad his contribution to the “new” Iraq…..well goody….his lies did as much to destroy the old Iraq as the planes and tanks of the US and her allies……

Sorry but I refuse to be one of those idiots that well say nothing bad about the dead……a fucking crook and liar is all he will ever be….at least in my book.

​ The Baltic: The Land Of Wonder

Another of my op-eds for my friends at Ace News Room….I appreciate the confidence they show in my analyses to allow me to be part of their site……please take some time and visit their site is growing by the day….

The US has troops in 147 countries around the world….and Russia is being testy so the Baltics are a logical place to put assets that may be needed in the event of Russia deciding to go bold and try to expand their territory…possibly into the former states that have since left their sphere of influence….

Source: ​ The Baltic: The Land Of Wonder

Game Of Drones–Chapter 2

The drone program of the US has been under attack from people like me…..I do not think this technique is doing any good….at best it is killing civilians more so than suspected terrorists…..

It looks like some hackers have gotten their hands on documents that make my case for me…..

A number of damaging secret government documents about the United States’ drone program were published online Thursday after being leaked by an anonymous source “within the intelligence community,” CNN reports. The new whistleblower is being called a second Edward Snowden. According to Politico, the anonymous source calls the process for how the White House decides who gets targeted for killing by drone “insane.” “We’re allowing this to happen,” Wired cites the anonymous source as saying. “And by ‘we,’ I mean every American citizen who has access to this information now, but continues to do nothing about it.” The so-called “Drone Papers” were published on The Intercept, the same investigative website that published Snowden’s leak.

Among the reveals in the Drone Papers:

  • Up to 90% of drone killings over a five-month period weren’t the intended target.
  • The government creates “baseball cards” of potential targets.
  • A Pentagon paper from 2013 states drone strikes are often based on shaky intelligence and hurt further intelligence gathering.
  • It took President Obama an average of 58 days to sign off on a target.

Read the full Drone Papers here.

Of course very little of this will ever make it into the MSM….and the people should be demanding to know more…..is the program killing more civilians than terrorists?

Speaking of civilian deaths….a question has been asked…..Who is accountable for these deaths?

Source: Who is held accountable for civilian killings? – Al Jazeera English

I realize that the government is trying to lessen any anti-war sentiments and have decided that drones is the way to prevent any blow back from American deaths in conflicts…..but alas….people are dying and in some cases they did not have to die……

Will we continue to kill innocent civilians just to avoid the unpleasantness of an anti-war protest?  Will we continue to allow innocent civilians to die just to assure domestic tranquility?

Here is another thought…..drones will NEVER by themselves destroy the terrorist organizations….that will take commitment that the country is just not prepared to give.

Is There Any Hope For Syria?

Most Americans have seen the devastation in the country of Syria….if not then I am sure they have seen the massive amounts of refugees that are fleeing the country looking for some place safe to live and raise their families (that is what is left of their families)…….

There seems to be NO hope of a peace settlement for the conflict now destroying the country.  Too many countries trying to impose their will on Syria….Assad, US, Turkey, Russia, the UK and others ……… even Iraq to a small part….

One of my favorite writers, Robert Parry, has written an excellent piece about the chance of a way to save the country of Syria……

Source: A Glimmer of Hope for Syria | Consortiumnews