Bring Back Our Girls

About 8 months ago the world was shocked and outraged that 276 young women had been kidnapped by a terror group known as Boko Haram…….six months later no body outside Nigeria could care less….

For an event that turned the world into a ranting, raging machine can be forgotten so easily…..just plain sad.

Source: Abandonment of ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ – Al Jazeera English

The world was outraged as I have said and yet what are they doing about this problem known as Boko Haram?

I am so glad you asked……

A long-awaited regional task force is set to begin raids on Boko Haram’s last enclaves when the rainy season ends soon, the U.N.’s top official in West Africa said.

Nigerian and Chadian forces early this year forced the militant group, which has sworn allegiance to Islamic State, to cede large swathes of territory in northern Nigeria, undermining its six-year campaign to carve out a caliphate.

The 8,700-strong joint force, headquartered in Chad’s capital N’Djamena with troops from Chad, Niger, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon, was supposed to be fully functional in July.

But plans were not finalised until late August, and some observers have bemoaned a lack of progress since.

The African Union and the Lake Chad Basin Commission signed a memorandum of understanding in October giving final implementation guidelines and the United States has sent troops to provide intelligence and other assistance.

The expected joint raids will have to adapt to the changing nature of the enemy, which once attacked with hundreds of fighters aboard scores of vehicles but has been reduced to isolated bands, Chambas said.


Finally something will be tried to end the reign of terror that Boko Haram has exerted over the region.

Once the media moved on the world stop caring about the fate of these young women…..that is shameful as well as pathetic that the media has that much power to control people’s concerns.


The Revolt Against ‘Democracy’

I noticed something (everybody noticed it so I am not that perceptive) each GOP candidate took his/her turn badgering the press and the media…..most times with thunderous applause…

I am not a big fan of the MSM….I believe that they since they are part of corporate conglomerates, are used as a propaganda tool…..and that includes FOX, Drudge and the puke fest that is WND……. among others…..

I agree with others that say they believe that the media picks the candidate they want to promote, not necessarily to win but the one they can get the most mileage out of on air…….eg Clinton and Trump and now it is Rubio and Carson they are taunting the readers to care about…..

I believe that a free and unbiased press is a necessity for a democracy…..I am starting to doubt that we have either……

It’s election time in the US, and people are talking about subjects generally ignored in the woof and warp of everyday life. The role of government, trade policy, immigration, foreign policy – but none of these subjects dominated the stage in the latest installment of the seemingly endless GOP debates. Instead, the assembled candidates were […]  (Read more….)

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Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci in is writing back in the 1920’s warned his readers about the power that the media would eventually exert over the population……that it was inevitable that it would control the hegemony of society….so far he was spot on…..and we do little to change that……and for our lack of action we are losing our democracy……little piece at a time until it is eventually eroded away….

Do Syrians Deserve Self-Determination?

There is a whole wealth of chatter these days about Syria……most of it is about the barbaric group known as ISIS or IS or ISIL (you pick the one you prefer)….all along there has been one overriding idea concerning Syria…..that is….”Assad Must Go”….US has said it…Turkey also…UK is on-board……everyone in the West seems to feel that Assad must go!

There is one thing that I have not heard…and that is what does the Syrian people think should be done?

Of course it will be a bit difficult right now to get a consensus since about 4 million of the 11 million population is a refugee…..

Pres. Wilson promised “self-determination” in 1918…was not part of the plan then and it is NOT part of the plan today……we can pretend that democratic principles are important….but only when we say they are…….

The Utmost Arrogance of “Assad Must Go”………

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The disturbing part of this situation is that the world is making Syrians decisions for them……few voices of the Syrian people is ever heard…..

Do you want others making your life decisions for you?  Then why would it be any different if you were Syrian?

What Do You Get for $766 Million in Afghanistan?

The US in all our wisdom decided that we need to stimulate the economy of Afghanistan…..and we then decided that we would invest $766 million to help in this stimulation…..sound like a good plan?

DoD has stated that they are not sure exactly what we got for the cash spent.

Source: What Do You Get for $766 Million in Afghanistan? DoD Isn’t Sure |

This is a typical DoD program…you know kinda along the lines of $600 toilet seats and $400 hammers…..or a new attack plane that costs billions and still cannot be flown without the risk of death……

I say it is about time that the DoD be held accountable for the money they throw in the toilet……we will get promises of more controls but that is then flushed down along with the cash…..

What say you?