Dismantling ISIL’s propaganda machine

I do hope that everyone enjoyed their Labor Day, that is all the American visitors, but it is time to get back to work, at least for me….I wanna see how many people I can irritate…..welcome back.

For over a year since the prez announced the “degrade and destroy” plan for dealing with ISIS has done little to accomplish the end result that he promised.

Airstrikes and drones have killed many…..some were terrorists but most have been civilians…….the Iraqi Army is ineffective at times and inspiring at others…..the Kurds are a strong fighting force but have their problems with Turkey and supplies to continue the fight……Moderate Syrians are fighting each other and ISIS is running amok.

All in all the conflict is going badly for the US and the Coalition…..at best a draw is the end result of a year of wasting resources and weapons……the present plan is not going to win the war with ISIS…..something I have been saying for over a year…….without an overall total commitment of destruction ISIS will survive to continue to fight and kill.

ISIS strongest weapon is its propaganda machine….the videos, the recruitment are strong and some far uncontrolled…..if the West is ever going to end this conflict with a victory they must find a way to counter the propaganda machine that ISIS has put together……something I have been preaching for over a year.

Efforts to combat ISIL must also include a wider strategy to attack the group’s ownership of powerful symbols.

Source: Dismantling ISIL’s propaganda machine – Al Jazeera English

This is how ISIS can be defeated….the problem is that they have a head start on this and it will take commitment to neutralize the effects…..now the question is…..does the US have the stomach for the fight?  If we are not willing to fight fire with fire…..then this will be just another wasted effort and a failed endeavor.

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