Should We Or Should We Not…..Arm Ukraine?

There is a debate raging in the halls of Congress, the White House and around the world…….should Ukraine been armed to meet the threats from Putin’s Russia.

The US is increasingly leaning towards the former………

Despite Vladimir Putin’s posturing for a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a senior US State Department official says Eastern Ukraine’s security position is “dire” and Russia is “failing miserably” in its peace efforts, CNN reports. The official spoke today on John Kerry’s plane as he headed to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Speaking later on the ground, Kerry called on Russia to pull heavy weapons, equipment, and troops out of Ukraine and shut down the border in a solution to the crisis “that is staring everyone in the face.” French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are also set to arrive in Kiev today before heading to Russia tomorrow to meet with Putin, CNN notes.

Kerry has pledged $16.4 million in new humanitarian aid to Ukraine designed to “help alleviate the suffering of people in conflict-affected areas,” a State Department statement issued today said. Meanwhile, NATO is refining its strategy as well. Even though Ukraine isn’t a member, the organization says it “strongly supports” the beleaguered country and would continue to offer political and practical assistance, as per CNN. In discussion now are plans to set up dedicated NATO command centers in six member nations, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland. These units would help with NATO training in these countries and make it easier to quickly deploy troops. Meanwhile, the US is mulling whether to send defensive “lethal aid” such as anti-armor missiles to Ukrainian troops to help them fight pro-Russia rebels.

This is a tricky question and even trickier decision that is being made……my problem is one thing that the prez had to say about the arming debate…..

President Obama left little doubt that he intends to eventually start providing weaponry to the Ukrainian military for its civil war, saying only that he needs to be certain it is “used properly.

Okay first of all what does the term “used properly” actually mean?  It has been said that these will be defensive weapons……pause here for thought……what is the difference between a defensive weapon and an offensive one?  And just who makes that decision?

This is the same type of rhetoric that we always get from the government……but the question remains….should we or should we not arm Ukraine?

Personally I say NO……it will not make the situation any less explosive.  If anything will lead to an escalation by Putin.  Even with a massive influx of weapons from NATO will not make Ukraine safer and if push comes to shove they will not be capable of fending off a Russian onslaught….

This tactic will not work….it will be a waste of time and the possibility of it getting worse instead of better is a real threat.

Arms are not the answer…..however diplomacy may prove a better weapon….too bad it is seldom tried before someone pulls the trigger.

The only people that will benefit from the massive weapons that could be sent to Ukraine is the ones that ALWAYS make out in these situations…..the defense contractors.

Any thoughts from my readers?

12 thoughts on “Should We Or Should We Not…..Arm Ukraine?

  1. Didn’t we arm the fighters in Afghanistan? It didn’t help one tiny little bit and years later we are still dealing with the aftermath of the problem.

    I am sorry, but I have little sympathy with the Kiev regime – they have been bombing civilians just like the rebels. They were courting Nata and the EU regardless of the effect that would have on the Kremlin. Now for their stupid strategic thinking we are now being asked arm them against the consequences of their own making.

  2. My question in much of this stuff is….who’s being the bully?

    It used to be Putin (when he took Crimea), but if the U.S. gets more aggressive (by sending arms, etc.), then others could make the case that the U.S. using the strong-arm tactics.

    1. I agree…..and for that reason Poland and others will be our front man…..the Us is bullying only we are trying to keep it like a “secret Santa”…..

  3. I’m Polish, so it’s difficult for me to have an objective opinion about this. I truly fear Russia taking over the Ukraine, as that would bring them so close to Poland 😦 However, it would make me a hypocrite if I called for military involvement, as I’m sick of our country getting involved in every international conflict…so I won’t. I don’t know how well diplomacy would work with someone like Putin. I’ll just hope and pray that he stops with Eastern Ukraine and doesn’t go further….

      1. A lot of what happens around the world still depends on America. I’m certainly not in favor of escalating things. I’m depressed enough that we seem headed back to Iraq…..

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