Hug Your God Tightly

Knowing the atmosphere on the blogosphere I am prepared for the chastisement that I may receive following this post…….oh well….what is life without confrontation…..BORING!

For those that do not know….I live in Mississippi, the country’s most conservative and religious state in the Union.  I have always tried to understand their grasp on religion….I am not faulting therm for their beliefs…..just trying to understand why they hold their God so tightly.

A little background on Mississippi…….if there is a “Best” list then Mississippi will be on or near the bottom…..if there is a “Worst” list then it is on or near the top….and unfortunately for the residents it has been that way for many decades…..could this explain their religious fervor?

Living under harsh conditions like extreme weather or food scarcity? Then you’re more likely to believe in powerful, judgmental gods, according to a new study. A group of researchers from various fields reached their conclusion after synthesizing historical data from 583 societies around the world, reports. “When life is tough or when it’s uncertain, people believe in big gods,” says study co-author Russell Gray, who adds that religion may help people come together and beat the odds. If true, the Guardian says, this could explain the rise of Christianity and Islam in regions plagued by famine and dire climatic changes. But there’s more: The researchers also sought links between religion and other factors, like politics and farming.

Sure enough, the study found that societies with “political complexity” (a hierarchy of figures outside the local community) and animal husbandry often believe in high gods who impose a moral code. In the end, researchers could match societies to their religious beliefs with 91% accuracy, the Washington Post reports. The findings also overlap with research showing that religion brings people together after a disaster like an earthquake, or that societies facing dire threats tend to restrict people’s behavior. But studies until now have tried explaining religion either by environmental or cultural factors—not both. Gray also separates himself from “evolutionists … trying to bang religion on the head,” he says. “I think the challenge is to explain it.”

When you think about it… makes sense…..if life sucks and there seems to be NO way out of the cycle then religion becomes a prime motivator.  People must have something to believe in.

The powers that be within the state capital exploits religious beliefs in their search for total power…..this, in my opinion, is why….PERIOD!

10 thoughts on “Hug Your God Tightly

  1. It stands to reason. The “economics” of religion have been well documents: where there is wealth and security religion is jettisoned for the nonsense that it is. Great find.

      1. It does amaze me that the US is such a wealthy country, blessed in so many ways, yet it sustains such pockets of unbridled ignorance and superstition.

        Well, Doctor, you’re the good disease sitting in among the illness, working away. Keep it up!

  2. Kevin Phillips book American Theocracy talks about the how effective religion helped southerners following their Civil War loss. Considered to be a religion of lost causes Phillips notes that the Southern Baptist among others exploited the loss as a test for “God’s people” and that if they stood fast they would “rise again”. The turn around today justifies that in the minds of many poor fools so anything else their religious leaders dole out tends to get swallowed without chewing.

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