2 thoughts on “GOP Master Plan

  1. A possible explanation, not exactly better but at least more contemporary: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/timothy-j-barnett/which-hazard-is-better-co_b_6050936.html

    “Chris Martenson observes that the national wealth transfer shows up in record Wall Street banking bonuses, rising corporate profits, record stock buybacks, and rising wealth inequality.”

    Basically, Wall Street’s had a field day under the Obama Administration, which boasts about an economic recovery that has developed the largest wealth gap since the 1920’s. But the left’s savior can’t be guilty of corporatism if he’s a Keynesian, and especially isn’t guilty if it’s all the right’s fault. But the Keynesian touts the economic benefits of subsidizing Wall Street, and you can’t get any more top-down than that. Which leads me to this more contemporary, just as good explanation: Obama’s always been full of shit. The cartoon would’ve worked when Bush was still the tyrant, though.

    1. Wall Street has had foeld since Clinton whose policies help the crash of 2008…..I am no fan of the Obama politics and the only answer is to get money out of politics….I know easier said than done….but we need to find a way…..

      Thanx for the visit and the comment…I hope to see you again…..chuq

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