China Is As China Does

Inkwell Institute

CHINA… there is a subject that should get most people talking…..we blame a lot of the ills in our society on China….and the debate on how much of our so-called ‘debt’ that they own and how that could be used against us in time of hostilities……we all have an opinion on this massive country to our West……

From the China-United States Exchange Foundation……

How do we answer the age-old question of what happens when a rising power meets an established power? For centuries, this questions has hung over great power politics and posed a continual challenge to policymakers and international relations theorists alike.

When then Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping first raised the prospect of “a new type of relationship between major countries” in 2012, he called for the United States and China to chart a new course for their bilateral relationship. Since this initial call, American and Chinese officials have worked to build a new model of major power relations, including an informal “shirt-sleeve summit” between President Obama and President Xi last year.

Everybody is looking for a way to deal with the rising power of China, that would be economic power……let’s look at a few things first….in today’s world China is the second largest economy in that world….right?  In 1890 China was the….wait for it……second largest economy in the world.  So in that arena China has not come that far……So should we be worried about China as an economic or global threat?

In my humble opinion….NO!

Why?  They have an every expanding middle class and they will eventually reach for power……the poor in the outlying regions will have enough of the uneven equality that is growing in China….they will eventually rise up…..and then there is the corruption in the ruling class that will eventually bite them in the ass……their economic growth is slowing…….in closing this very simplistic analysis…..China in the next couple of decades will implode….giving Russia the opening it needs to expand its influence worldwide………..

There you have it….In My Opinion…..we are worrying about the wrong region of the world………there is far more danger to the world than China and it’s name is RUSSIA!

I will be watching!

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