The Third Way

College of Political Knowledge

Yesterday was the Super Tuesday…….and all the rhetoric that has been flowing from the lips of candidates made me think of something from my college days…….

The Third Way…..I recently heard this used to describe centrism…..there is even a think tank called the third way…..what it is is a cope out to principles it is NOT a third way but rather a way for big business to further insert its political penis into the process……Clinton and his worthless bunch of Dems, the Democratic Leadership Council, that help give use the crap with NAFTA and the repeal of Glass/Steagall and now they want to play it as if they represent some silent bunch of mindless automatons…..(maybe they do)…..

But when I heard the term I thought of the days of FASCISM….yes I am old…….that political process was called the third way….not capitalism and not communism…..but an alternative…..with the following precepts…..

1-a single mass party

2-police used against real and imagined enemies

3-monoplistic control of the mass media

4-central control of the economy

5-an ideology that covers all aspects of a person life

Now sports fans….does any of that sound remotely familiar?

It was called the third way because it lied to the people that it was an alternative….capitalism was preserved while the mass actions were taunted as it was in socialism……but it was nothing by an authoritarian form of government where the people were solely tools of the state with NO input and NO power…….(does any of that sound familiar?)

Use of the term third way is nothing but a ploy to keep the extension of total control over the lives of the people…..even if some well known politicos like Kerry and others are member of this so-called movement….they seem to want us top believe that Americans are somehow not a political animal when in reality it is all just a game….Americans are either conservative or liberal (the American definition not the philosophical one)……these people are trying to reorganize society using a political blueprint that the reps only care about…..

So these people in this “third way” are doing just what the fascists of old were doing…..they are claiming to be drawing from both sides of the political spectrum…..

Radical centrists also can be divisive, as opposed to the non-partisan approach of traditional centrism. Radical centrists are quick to dissociate themselves from traditional moderates, whom they often contrast as the “sensible center” or deride as the “squishy center.”  (Does that sound familiar?)

I regret that I see more on the lines of Germany after WW1 than I see real answers to real problems our country is now facing……I also see a danger forming in the minds of politicians and their handlers……the idea that the people are in control of the process is GONE….we have been replaced by CASH!  And that can lead to a way of life that is not good for the country.


2 thoughts on “The Third Way

  1. Lobotero,

    Quite frankly, I’m fed up with the two-party system. Both have lost touch with any reality outside of financial gain. In the 60s it was about black & white and you believed (so I’ve heard) that they actually cared about this country. Some may have been corrupt, but they at least tried to make a bigger and better America for all people. These days Green is the only color that matters.

    They’ve lost touch. They’re disconnected. They’re all full of shit, and this is why I have abandoned both and have begun this independent thing. I’m calling out everybody on their B.S.

    1. morning Terrance…..believe me…you are not alone….many people that I talk with feel as you……the problem is that people are afraid of change….i mean real change……i will be posting on this shortly……people use to care about the country even if they had a personal agenda, but since the mid 90’s politicians personal motivation is more important than a country that is fair and balanced….the ME generation started this downward spiral and there is NO one willing to step up and be a true statesman or woman……

      BTW, did any of the oil stuff help your understanding?

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