How To Get Congress’ Attention

The Congress has gone back to work, if you can call what they do as….work, and so far there is NOTHING on the docket that would create a job, unless it is for someone on their staff to empty the trash cans…………

It is time for the American people to find a way to get the attention of those people they elected to work on the problems of the country….not the perceived problems, but actual problems that will be plaguing us for decades thanks to their inaction over the years……

I recently read that the last Congress actually worked 170 days……they did not even work a total of 6 months…..and Perry wanted a part time Congress….I would say we have that already…..

The voter needs to get the attention of those people in Congress…they need to be awaken to the fact that we ALL think the are corrupt and lazy….I mean come on….their approval rating is at about 11%….that is worse than people who think socialism is a better system….

I have said, on many occasions,  that we need to slap these people hard up side the head and get their attention….and a couple of the ideas that I have been playing with……term limits, get money out of the political system, do what they do in the UK, when an impasse is there then you dissolve the Congress and start over, NO lobbying for 10 years after one leaves Congress, work a solid 4 days a week……and then there is the idea that freshman Congress people live in a dorm for the first term, no family…..or they can have 5 paid staffers everyone else comes out of pools…just a few thoughts.  Have any?

The system is failing, the political system, that is, and it is the fault of Congress…the voter sends the people to Washington in good faith and so far their faith has been betrayed by a bunch of political bovine fecal matter that has NOTHING to do with improving the conditions in this country, just a way to acquire more money for their next campaign……as long as Congress is allowed to continue the way it function today…the people will always lose and the country will slide further into the abyss created by the people we trust……

Time for the voter to pull their heads out of their butts and vote from reason and not that of passion…passion has delivered NOTHING but misery….so far!

6 thoughts on “How To Get Congress’ Attention

    1. Thanx Hansi….the problem is that they will piece meal this and in the end nothing will get done…typical American way of doing things….

  1. A lot needs to be said for the poorly educated voter too Dr. Chuq. As a people we are simply not engaged as other countries are in the political process and surely not as much so when we were a new nation over 200 years ago.

    We’ve gotten too soft and dependent on 30 second ads that spin pretty much what people want to hear in the first place.

  2. I love your dormitory idea. I like Rick Perry’s (God help me) idea that Congress should be a part time job. If it’s not your main source of income, then volunteering shows at least a little bit of desire to serve your constituents.

    1. Spinny, we already have a part time Congress….these dorks work less than 3 days a week and have every other week off to go home to meet with their constituents (meaning big money donors)……

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