Sesame Street: A Brainwashing Tool?

Remember a decade or so ago when some right wing whacko said that the kids show “Tellie Tubbies” was about homosexuality?  Well, at least one of the characters, the purple one, I believe, because it carried a purse…..I wish I could take this brand of BS seriously, but then I do not take too many of the right wing blowjobs seriously….

But they are not finished…..NO!  They are not finished….now they are claiming that Sesame Street is a left wing conspiracy to turn your children into…….DEMOCRATS!

……..clap for Ben Shapiro for exposing Sesame Street for what it really is– a tool of Hollywood liberals used to brainwash little boys before they’re even old enough to ask for a Barbie Jeep, and little girls into thinking that body hair is probably ok (it’s not.)  (from a blog called The ‘Cac)

Oh God!  They are back…the whackos that want to see their name in lights and find a hidden agenda in everything but where they will are…..OK, first let me say that if learning to write, read and do math will turn them into Dems then the party would be in a lot better shape than it is today….maybe by left wing they really mean……SOCIALISTS……….we know how popular that analogy is with the right wing nuts, don’t we?   Again if that was truly the case then would not Marx be a lot more popular than it is?

This is just total CRAP!  Crap spread by tiny little minds that cannot accept that they are stupid and society’s comic relief……informed people are laughing uncontrollably at the mental capacity of these jokes…….I guess every court has to have its jester…..

What is next?  What will be the next great left wing conspiracy?  The Wiggles or maybe that damn irritating Blue Dog?


Real Solutions Will Hurt

Daily Agitator

We hear this from the politicians as they go about the word games instead of doing something about the problems……during the election it was JOBS…..and why the Obama admin could not create any……well, for 140+ days the Repubs have controlled the House they have create NO jobs and offered NO jobs legislation……well America…..yet another wasted VOTE……

Let me see….corporations get their tax breaks, financial markets get to keep gambling with taxpayer money, courts giving corporations the same rights as individuals…….so on and so forth….we all know the headlines by this point…..but what are the people, the middle class and poor, getting out of all this “shared sacrifice”?  States are having to make drastic decisions….they will cut taxes on businesses and cut services to the poor……

The Center For Budget And Policy Priorities has issued a report……

* Monthly cash assistance benefits have been cut in several states. This is pushing hundreds of thousands of families and children well below the poverty line.

* Time limits for receiving TANF benefits have been shortened. California and Arizona are two of the states carrying out such measures, which have the result of cutting off thousands of very poor families from any aid. Other state legislatures are discussing shortening time limits from 60 months to as short as 18 months.

* Working families with low incomes face cuts in TANF-funded supplements in several ways. Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (partially funded by TANF) is being slashed by two-thirds, for example, raising state income taxes for several hundred thousand low-income working families. This is part of a state budget that sharply cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. In other states, families are having their supplemental TANF benefits cut or eliminated.

The report points out, “States are terminating or reducing benefits for some of the most vulnerable families, most of whom have very poor labor market prospects.” This is under conditions of a continued jobs crisis.

While the states are directly responsible for implementing the cuts, the federal government and the Obama administration are just as culpable. As the CBPP notes, “The TANF cuts are due in substantial part to the inadequacy of the federal TANF block grant.”

Despite the fact that the creators of TANF in 1996 gave assurances that a TANF Contingency Fund would be maintained to provide help during economic downturns, that fund was entirely exhausted in December of 2010 and additional money allocated by Congress for 2011 was so small that it has since been used up.

Now tell me where will the pain come from?  That answer can tell more about the direction of this country than anything else you may hear in the media.

Once again we see who the politicians really want to help and who they consider “expendable”……..I know many say the class war is a myth dreamed up by disgruntled “Leftists”…..but it looks like a real possibility to me, if it is NOT already underway.