And You Thought Kid’s Beauty Pageants Are Bad?

You have seen all these little kids that moms and dads spend thousands on to try and make them look like they are 30 so that they can win Miss Podunk and move on to them regional and then maybe the state and finally the NATIONAL…..while some parents try to get the kids into math competitions or science or spelling…..there are other more perverted ones out there that think their 8 year old should look like she is 20….a sickness where lame parents have to live life through their child…..we should remember that poor little girl in Colorado that has been missing for 10+ years and is probably dead….mostly because she became an object of fascination for some demented psychopath……not only do the parents expose their child to perverts but almost do some damage to the child’s psyche that can influence the child later in life……

But wait their is more!  Making your underaged child look like a cheap hooker now some want to have her act like a stripper……..

Forget Botox for 8-year-olds or push-up bras for 12-year-olds. A dance studio in the British midlands is offering pole-dancing classes for children as young as 3. In the “Little Spinners” class at the Make Me Fabulous Dance Studio in Northhampton, little girls are taught to spin around, climb up, and slide down the pole with their legs open in a V-shape.

The class’ instructor, Carly Wilford, insists there’s “nothing sexual about it,” and says she’s “trying to remove the stigma from pole dancing and show that it actually helps children keep fit and learn balance, much like gym classes.” Outraged child advocates are urging the government to step in and help protect the innocence of the younger set.

I know I have said not everybody needs to go to college….but I never meant for people to train their 3 year old to be a stripper……this is just SICK!  There are other ways for your child to get exercise that does not involve mimicking a stripper.  I appreciate a good stripper, but at least I want them to be of age!

We do not want to teach our children about sex but we will teach them to dance like a stripper……good plan!