Oh Haiti! I Am So Sorry!

Think back about a year ago….a massive earthquake took out a large portion of the island nation of Haiti….you remember those days….celebrities getting their required PR photos taken….politicians handing out a couple of bottles of water so their photo-op looked good and so on….all the concern was basically a PR stunt…yes I said stunt…..

Only a small portion of the money pledged has made it to the country…..why?  Better yet…now that the sensationalism has subsided….NO one cares….it is sad and I apologize for the lack of compassion that the media and governments are showing toward the island….

And now…thanx for all the concern of the world a massive Cholera epidemic has engulfed the island….

Hundreds of protesters threw stones at UN peacekeepers, set up burning barricades and torched a police station in Cap Haitien.

Six UN peacekeepers were injured in the clashes, the UN said. At least 10 people were also injured.

As well as calling for UN peacekeepers to leave Haiti, demonstrators accused the government of “leaving the people to die”, the AFP news agency reported.

This will not be last incident of protesters and violence….the world has seen to it…….we should be proud of our governments….we opened our hearts and wallets to people that needed our help and the government have been nothing but pricks from the start……. after the photo-ops…….

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