Not By Bullets Alone

I have waited many years for a good foreign policy speech by the president…..yesterday he made a speech at West Point…….I listened then read….and you know what?  I am still waiting for that good speech.

The essence of what he said was a man trying desperately to appease both sides of the war issue….the hawks and the doves………

President Obama will ask Congress to create a $5 billion fund to help allied governments fight terrorism, and ramp up aid to Syria’s rebels, he announced today, in a wide-ranging commencement speech on foreign policy. Obama spoke to West Point’s graduating class, but the speech emphasized an approach to the world lighter on military might. The military “always will be the backbone” of US leadership, he said, according to CNN, but it “cannot be the only—or primary—component of our leadership.”

Obama touted a multilateral approach that he said had produced progress in Iran and helped swiftly isolate Russia following its Ukraine invasion. “This is American leadership. This is American strength.” He said the US should fund countries that provide UN peacekeepers to help combat extremists around the world. “It’s a smart investment. It’s the right way to lead.” He said there was “no military option” that would help Syria, but said propping up moderate rebels would help combat both the Assad regime and extremists. And while he affirmed that the US would continue to launch drone strikes and other unilateral attacks when necessary, he promised restraint and transparency. “Our actions must meet a simple test, we must not create more enemies than we take off the battlefield.”

No where in that speech was it a good speech…….a typical tap dance between factions……the day before he made his speech I read a critique before the fact…..

President Obama is planning another Wednesday foreign policy speech defending his policy as just the right amount of hawkishness, a stance he has been reiterating for months now.

Obama has presented his position as a minimalist one, focusing on criticism from even more hawkish members of Congress as the alternative, without addressing the idea of less wars.

Details on the new speech don’t look like that’s gonig t oreally change, though some aides were presenting the Obama policy as a “middle course” that avoids isolationism, and maintains America’s “leadership” in global intervention.

Deputy NSA Ben Rhodes says Obama will make the “case for interventionism but not overreach,” and that he will argue the US is the “ultimate guarantor of an international order” by opposing both Russia and China.

Would someone explain to him that drones are basically a bullet……it is difficult for me to take anything serious that e mentioned in his newest speech…….

And then came the three mouth-keteers…….McCain, Graham and Ayotte……they did not like his speech, but then they were not suppose to, it will give them more exposure if they say stuff like……..

“The President’s decision to set an arbitrary date for the full withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan is a monumental mistake and a triumph of politics over strategy. This is a short-sighted decision that will make it harder to end the war in Afghanistan responsibly.

“The President came into office wanting to end the wars he inherited. But wars do not end just because politicians say so. The President appears to have learned nothing from the damage done by his previous withdrawal announcements in Afghanistan and his disastrous decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq. Today’s announcement will embolden our enemies and discourage our partners in Afghanistan and the region. And regardless of anything the President says tomorrow at West Point, his decision on Afghanistan will fuel the growing perception worldwide that America is unreliable, distracted, and unwilling to lead.

“The alternative was not war without end. It was a limited assistance mission to help the Afghan Security Forces preserve momentum on the battlefield and create conditions for a negotiated end to the conflict. The achievement of this goal, and the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, should be determined by conditions on the ground, not by the President’s concern for his legacy.

“All wars end. The question is how they end. The war in Iraq has ended in tragedy. And it is difficult to see how we can succeed in Afghanistan when the President tells our enemies that our troops will leave by a date certain whether they have achieved our goals or not.”

I understand Graham’s man crush on McCain but is Ayotte’s excuse….is she a hawk in training…..maybe she has been tapped to replace McCain when he decides that he must leave the Senate….any way…these two are too damn predictable…..if it is foreign policy and Obama they will oppose it!I

I keep waiting for that magical foreign policy speech… far all I have is that waiting time wasted.  One day we will find a person that has a good grasp on what is what in the international arena…….all I can do for now is wait and listen.


For about 5 years we have heard everything negative that could be possibly said about Obama….and most of the absurd crap has come from I call the Right Wing Spin Machine,,,,I wish I could blame the MSM media but alas it is loud mouth morons that like to stir crap without much challenge…..

I recall about 4 years ago our prez, Obama, was given the Nobel Peace Prize, something that I thought was a bit absurd…….and the criticism began,,,,,criticism is an understatement——the right wing machine went bat crap crazy….saying all kinds of unkind things about the prez and the Nobel people….

Then about the same time Pres. Obama was helping Chicago in its bid to host the Olympic games……..a bid that they lost….and once again the Right wingers were boisterous…..this time they were elated that Chicago had failed in its bid.  The loudest mouths were all but cheering the loss……that’s right they were cheering that the US lost its bid…..why?

The newest crap in their anti-American drama is an op-ed penned by Vlad Putin….where he belittled America and its prez….and once again the Right and its loudest pricks…..Billy-Boy, Rush and Sean were all but kissing Putin on the mouth for what he had to say about the prez and the country….they let this condescending prick bad mouth this country and the Right cheered his words…..

At what point do we ask these pretentious pricks why?

I understand the dislike for a prez…..but what is they dislike?  And why would this dislike allow other countries to bad mouth America?  When did Putin, an authoritarian prick, become the darling of the US Right wing spin machine?

I am waiting and have been waiting years for an honest answer to why the extreme dislike of the prez…..and what would allow the likes of Putin to get away with disrespecting an American president?

Please, one of my conserv readers explain all this to me.;……as much as I disliked Bush….I would never allow some egotistic prick like Putin to get away with such disrespect…….you know if this was the 50’s these pundits giving such love to a Russian would be accused of being a 5th column working from within to destroy the country….where are the “love or leave it” twats?

On a final note…….some idiot named LIVELY, the a/hat that promoted the killing of gays in Africa….has said that Americans should move to Russia because they are family friendly and have discriminated against gays….back in the day I was told on numerous occasions to…..”LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT”……….so I shall resurrect the saying…..Mr. Lively and your moronic followers……America Love It Or Leave It!  If you need assistance in getting a flight out of the country let me know I will gladly help to rid my country of small minded pricks……

Peace Out!

State Of The Union–2013

Tonight is the big night….Obama’s State of the Union address……all pundits will be on the edge of their chairs waiting and watching for any signs of weakness and lack of clarity……ME?  It is Mardi Gras……I had rather go out and enjoy myself than listen to a litany of bullshit….of promises that will never go anywhere and wishful thinking.  Do you really believe much is going to be done by this Congress?

There will be applause lines….there will be GOPers looking all somber and mad……and then there will be the endless analysis from paid pundits that know exactly what will happen……all is an endless stream of poop…… not waste your time looking for answers to our problems as a country….the clowns in that room for the speech have NO answers other than obstruction and accusation……do not make yourself crazy……just ignore the fools on the Hill and go out and enjoy yourself……

Let me take a stab at what you will hear…immigration, energy, education, infrastructure, jobs…….the new twist will be gun violence………the same thing we always hear about….and the same things that NEVER improve…… did I do?

Of course there will be the usual rebuttals and the whack-a-doodles talking to the media…….that burnt rocker comes to mind……all in all….NOTHING new!

A screaming, horrendous hangover is far more preferable than putting my faith in bozos, clowns, asshats and liars…if you watch the speech I can bet that I will feel better the day after than you will……