State Of The Union–2013

Tonight is the big night….Obama’s State of the Union address……all pundits will be on the edge of their chairs waiting and watching for any signs of weakness and lack of clarity……ME?  It is Mardi Gras……I had rather go out and enjoy myself than listen to a litany of bullshit….of promises that will never go anywhere and wishful thinking.  Do you really believe much is going to be done by this Congress?

There will be applause lines….there will be GOPers looking all somber and mad……and then there will be the endless analysis from paid pundits that know exactly what will happen……all is an endless stream of poop…… not waste your time looking for answers to our problems as a country….the clowns in that room for the speech have NO answers other than obstruction and accusation……do not make yourself crazy……just ignore the fools on the Hill and go out and enjoy yourself……

Let me take a stab at what you will hear…immigration, energy, education, infrastructure, jobs…….the new twist will be gun violence………the same thing we always hear about….and the same things that NEVER improve…… did I do?

Of course there will be the usual rebuttals and the whack-a-doodles talking to the media…….that burnt rocker comes to mind……all in all….NOTHING new!

A screaming, horrendous hangover is far more preferable than putting my faith in bozos, clowns, asshats and liars…if you watch the speech I can bet that I will feel better the day after than you will……


21 thoughts on “State Of The Union–2013

  1. Asking political junkies not to watch the SOTU is like asking meat lovers to convert to plant-based diets.

    Like how I got a plug in for my latest post? 🙂

  2. Have never wasted my time watching a SOTU and will not break my streak this year. Besides, if you have heard one Obama speech, you’ve heard them all.

    Here is my summary of tonights SOTU: “Me, me, me, me, me.. blame Bush. Me, me, me, me… blame Boehner. Me, me, me, me… blame someone.” etc, etc.

      1. I agree only to the point that it will be NO different than any other president… apply one is better than the other would be silly….I may be a lot of things but silly is not one of them….LOL

      2. I agree 100% with you lobotero.

        Are you able to criticize the current president on his own failures or just because he is following in a long line of failed presidents that he is shielded from individual criticism?

        I know your a reasonable person, I would like to just hear you critize him for wasting oxygen with his speech tonight. President Obama has the opportunity tonight to deliver a meaningful speech that could inspire Americans to do great things and the chance that he will actually do that is less than zero. It would be refreshing to have you agree with me with out pussy footing around and making excuses for President Obama.

      3. FL…Obama gave nothing more than a long stump speech…Americans will not hear anything meaningful….they will hear a litany of hopes and wishes that will not be anything but that….kinda sounded like Huey Long’s, “every man a king” speech…

  3. Lobotero,

    You can believe in media neutrality if you want, but I’m not much for fairy tales. Most pundits will not, in my opinion, look for weakness or obfuscation. Conservatives will – politics as usual – but most pundits are not conservative.

    I happened upon the speech while channel surfing, totally forgetting it was on. That should tell you how much I care. I knew it would be the same sectarian nonsense, beautifully cloaked as nonpartisan, that we’ve been hearing since he took office. He’s a wonderful orator, but a divisive leader.

    I agree with you, however, that nothing will change. Both parties make promises and give pretty speeches, but nothing ever changes. Nothing will be done about immigration. Obama will always deny that the economy is on its back, spread eagle, waiting to be f*cked by yet more leftwing policies. Republicans will refuse to give Obama at least some credit for ending two wars. And on it goes. Nothing changes.

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