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Closing Thought–04Jun21

Donald the Orange has made yet another of his ‘brilliant’ and uninformed predictions……it seems this ‘really smart person’ thinks that he will be reinstated as president come August……

Yep he believes that the election of 2020 will be overturned and he can once again sit in the seat of power…(and the peasants danced)….

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times covered President Trump while he was in office, and she now reports that he’s intent on getting back there sooner than people think. On Twitter, Haberman writes that Trump “has been telling a number of people he’s in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August.” In subsequent tweets (there’s no Times story about this, at least as of Tuesday morning), Haberman writes that Trump is “laser focused” on state election audits still underway. “It isn’t happening in a vacuum,” she adds. “It is happening as he faced the possibility of an indictment from the Manhattan DA.” Haberman’s initial tweet on this was a reaction to a CNN story about Trump supporters wishing for a coup to restore him to office.

Business Insider notes that Trump allies, including MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, have been pushing the idea that the former president will be somehow restored to the White House, even though no constitutional framework exists for that to happen. And Forbes points out that even former Trump attorney Jenna Elllis, who maintains that the 2020 election was “lawless,” isn’t buying the idea. “The Constitution has only one process for removal of a sitting president: impeachment and conviction,” she writes. “No, President Trump is not going to be ‘reinstated.'”

Will this insurrection continue?

Further information…..

A deluded rejected demagogue who cannot accept that he was thrown out of office and desperately attempting to try an be relevant once again.

Is this a veiled call to arms for the loyalists to Trump?

Even his new ‘platform’ has been a dismal failure like his presidency….and it is now defunct….

“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” we hardly knew thee. The former president’s blog ended up lasting just shy of a month. Senior aide Jason Miller confirmed to CNBC that the page has been shut down for good. “It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” he told the site via email, though he didn’t elaborate on those broader efforts and said he did not “have a precise awareness of timing.” A week after the blog’s launch, NBC News reported Trump’s posts had garnered about 212,000 engagements—shares, comments, etc.—across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, on par with what a single tweet would formerly garner on Twitter alone.

Yet another failure for a failed presidency…..

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Insurrection Update

I know this is a long read….but I refuse to let this act of treason go under-reported.

On 06 January 2021 a pack of rabid in-bred morons breached the Capitol security and went about destruction and theft…….some want to move past that dark day and to that I say “screw you”….we should NEVER move on or forget the traitors that assaulted our way of life with the revisionist bullshit of the defunct president.

I will update my readers as often as I can with the events around those that crapped on the Constitution and our country on that day.

The good news is another traitor has pleaded guilty to his part of the insurrection….

A Florida man who stormed the Senate chamber on Jan. 6 waving a Trump flag has become the second rioter to plead guilty—and his case is being closely watched by lawyers for other riot suspects not charged with violent crimes. The Department of Justice says Paul Hodgkins, 38, pleaded guilty to one felony count of obstructing a government proceedings, the Hill reports. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, but Hodgkins’ sentence is expected to fall within federal guidelines of 15 to 21 months when he is sentenced July 19. Four other charges were dismissed and prosecutors gave him credit for pleading guilty in a timely manner and accepting responsibility for his actions

Prosecutors said Hodgkins entered the building with a mob of other Trump supporters and took a selfie in the Senate chamber. He was arrested Feb. 16 after an acquaintance recognized him in photos of the riot and notified the FBI, WFLA reports. “There’s no justification for January 6. That’s why he is standing up and entering a plea of guilty,” said Hodgkin’s lawyer, Patrick Leduc, per the WashingtonPost. “He acknowledges what he did was wrong, and there’s no excuses for it.” Leduc described Hodgkins, who had no prior criminal record, as a “working Joe who is a crane operator at a steel processing plant.” Hodgkins also agreed to pay $2,000 restitution. Prosecutors estimated damage to the Capitol at $1.5 million.

A slap of the pee-pee is all this toad gets?

The sad news is that one of the insurrectionists has had all charges dropped….

Federal prosecutors have dropped the criminal case against a New York man who was accused of participating in the Capitol riot, in what appears to be the first such move by the Justice Department in its sprawling Jan. 6 prosecution. The dismissal of the case against Christopher M. Kelly was disclosed on Wednesday, the same day prosecutors secured a second guilty plea by one of the more than 450 Capitol riot defendants. US Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui agreed to dismiss the case against Kelly after prosecutors said in a court filing on Tuesday that they discussed the merits of the case with Kelly’s lawyer and decided that ending the prosecution “serves the interests of justice” based on “the facts currently known to the government,” the AP reports.

Faruqui agreed to dismiss the charges “without prejudice,” which means the Justice Department could attempt to revive the case. Kelly was arrested in New York on Jan. 20 and faced charges of obstructing an official proceeding, aiding and abetting, violent entry and disorderly conduct, and unlawful entry to restricted buildings or grounds. In an affidavit, an FBI agent said it appeared that Kelly used a Facebook account to inform “associates” that he had breached the Capitol and was inside the building. Two days before the attack, he told another Facebook user that he planned to be in Washington “with ex NYPD and some proud boys,” the agent said. But the only known photos of Kelly from the day of the riot show him outside the building, with no evidence he was inside, NBC New York reports.

Yet another one that needs to be taught a lesson…..screw him…..make him pay even if it is a misdemeanor…..

Make an example!

Anything thing else is just not acceptable.

It seems the Repubs blame “Leftists” for the insurrection…..

… a full 73 percent of Republicans pin “some” or “a great deal” of responsibility on “left-wing protesters trying to make Trump look bad,” even though both the FBI and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have rejected the falsehood that leftist protesters were involved.

It appears that about 10% of those that breached the Capitol have military ties…..

One in 10 people charged in the US Capitol insurrection are veterans or current servicemembers, according to a CNN review of court documents and Pentagon records.

At least 45 of the approximately 450 overall defendants have ties to the US military, according to the CNN review. The bulk of these 45 defendants are veterans, but a handful are still serving, including an active duty Marine Corps officer from Virginia who was arrested earlier this month.
A quarter of the defendants with military ties are also connected to right-wing extremist groups, like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. These groups had a big presence at the January 6 riot, and they’ve attracted significant attention from federal prosecutors investigating the attack and from Pentagon officials who are coming to grips with the problem of extremism in the military.
This is just a good illustration of just how wimpy the insurrectionists are and especially the Proud Boy morons…..

Chrestman, a 43-year-old unemployed union sheet metal worker, was reportedly arrested alongside fellow Kansas residents Louis Enrique Colon and Christopher Kuehne back in February for their part in the insurrection. The charges, according to the Kansas City Star, included “conspiracy, civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.” Chrestman had the distinction of additional charges for carrying the deadly weapon and threatening law enforcement. 

Chrestman was quickly identified in the weeks after Jan. 6. Many of those citizens who sent in tips to the FBI identifying Chrestman were reportedly former high school classmates of “Billy,” who attended Hueneme High School in Oxnard, California, back in 1992. According to one former classmate who spoke to The Star before Chrestman’s arrest, his social media presence was increasingly worrying to those still connected to him: “He was latching onto conspiracies. A few (classmates) stayed in touch with him up until June or so of last year, when he got rid of his social media.” Other classmates told reporters that Chrestman acted like every other shitty libertarian, debate team wanna-be you know in your own social media feed

Maybe this whiny slug should have considered the response to his actions…..I say screw him….let him lose his pension.

More morons try to use “just having fun” as a defense against their actions…..

Cleveland Meredith made threats against specific elected officials online and drove from Colorado with a Glock 19, 9mm pistol, Taver X95 rifle with a telescopic sight, high-capacity magazines and more than 2,500 rounds of ammunition, but arrived too late to take part in the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to charging documents flagged by Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman.

“Hauling ass, 3.5 hours from target practice,” he said in one message, according to prosecutors. “Ready to remove several craniums from shoulders. I’m gonna collect a sh*t ton of Traitors heads.”

Meredith’s lawyers argued Wednesday at a detention hearing that he was just joking — “LOL, I’m just having fun,” he wrote at one point — but Judge Amy Berman Jackson wasn’t amused.

Finally this disturbing news……about those already arrested……

At least 70% of people charged in the Capitol riot have been released as they wait for trial, according to a Guardian analysis.

That high pre-trial release rate stands in stark contrast with the usual detention rates in the federal system, where only 25% of defendants nationwide are typically released before their trial.

Another mouth of Texas is arrested….

Adam Weibling, a 38-year-old Texas man, made no secret in recent months of his contempt for the FBI, likening its agents to Nazis and “terrorists” in a series of conspiracy-laden tweets. His dislike for them surely grew on Tuesday when they arrested him for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

FBI agents arrested Weibling in Katy, Texas, on charges of unlawfully entering restricted grounds and engaging in disorderly conduct inside the Capitol, according to court records. His first virtual appearance in D.C. court is scheduled for June 3.

According to an affidavit filed May 19 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and signed by an FBI task force officer, Weibling can be seen in video recorded by a reporter pushing his way past police in riot gear to get inside the Capitol around 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 6.

As a defense some of the arrested are blaming news coverage for their actions….

Falsehoods about the election helped bring insurrectionists to the Capitol on Jan. 6, and now some who are facing criminal charges for their actions during the riot hope their gullibility might save them or at least engender some sympathy.

Lawyers for at least three defendants charged in connection with the violent siege tell The Associated Press that they will blame election misinformation and conspiracy theories, much of it pushed by then-President Donald Trump, for misleading their clients. The attorneys say those who spread that misinformation bear as much responsibility for the violence as do those who participated in the actual breach of the Capitol

Trying to avoid accountability…..they made the decision to breach…then make them PAY!

As Yogi once said “It ain’t over until it’s over”…..and this insurrection is far from over….

I say screw these traitors and we need to throw the book at them….make an example of each one of the 400+…..

I believe that ALL these defendants should remain in prison until their trials….then if found guilty should pay the maximum fine and receive the maximum sentence for their treasonous acts.

On a side note:  It seems that Trump may have had his own ‘militia’….those overweight in-bred morons, the Oath Keepers….

The founder of the extremist Oath Keepers was poised for orders from then-President Donald Trump the day of the Capitol insurrection to seize control of the government, according to the latest conspiracy indictment against several members.

The new indictment also provides additional detail about nearby weapons stashes, and the existence of a “quick reaction force” of Oath Keepers outside Washington, D.C., to move in if necessary.

“I do want some Oath Keepers to stay on the outside, and to stay fully armed and prepared to go in armed, if they have to,” Rhodes said in an online conference call before the Capitol siege, the indictment stated.

“Our posture’s gonna be that we’re posted outside of D.C., awaiting the president’s orders … We hope he will give us the orders. We want him to declare an insurrection, and to call us up as the militia,” the indictment quoted Rhodes as saying.

Keep in mind that these slugs are still at large and waiting for instructions from the next megalomaniac that wants his own militia…

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Let The Peasants Starve!


Why peasants?

A member of the class constituted by small farmers and tenants, sharecroppers, and laborers on the land where they form the main labor force in agriculture.

These days it is referring to most of the working class according to Conservative thinking….

This became a way of thinking with 1980 and the election of Reagan and his liberal use of the term “welfare queen’….a stereotyping of anyone that gets assistance from the government…..a hated sector of American society…..

Now it is all those “lay abouts on unemployment”……and the Trump GOP has come up with a new assault on anyone that is poor or unemployed…..

GOP states have moved to end all support for those unemployed by the pandemic…..

Millions of jobless workers in Republican-led states across the U.S. are growing increasingly worried that they soon won’t be able to afford rent, medicine, and other basic necessities as GOP governors rush to cut off pandemic-related unemployment benefits, a widely condemned attack on struggling people that the Biden administration insists it is powerless to stop.

As of this writing, 22 Republican governors have moved to withdraw from a federal program that boosted regular unemployment checks by $300 per week to help jobless people weather the ongoing economic crisis.

Of those Republican-led states, 19 are also ending their participation in Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)—federal initiatives that provide an extension for people who have exhausted their state-level benefits and offer aid to gig workers and others who are typically ineligible.

To justify stripping a crucial lifeline from the jobless, the Republican leaders of Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota, and other states have falsely claimed that the federal unemployment programs are so generous they are dissuading people from rejoining the workforce—a narrative that ignores a slew of other relevant factors, from the low wages on offer to lack of child care to health concerns.

Then the corporations whine about the lack of interest in their slave wages….

Everyone knows American corporations from McDonalds to Walmart pay starvation wages. So now so-called leaders like Montana governor Greg “Punch a Journalist” Gianforte won’t distribute federal benefits, because people live better on those than on wages. Well, raise the wretched wages. They’re pitifully low. Or, as senator Bernie Sanders’ staff director Warren Gunnels put it: “Raise your wages and benefits or flip your own damn burgers and sweep your own damn floors.”

Just think, we live in a country where $300 per week is beyond the average American worker’s wildest dreams. What were they earning before? $200? $100? With pay like that, the U.S. really is what used to be called a Third World nation, and it’s organizations like the Chamber of Commerce that want to keep it that way. Back in early May, the Chamber, you may recall, blamed April’s lackluster employment expansion on the $300 weekly jobless benefit, “and began urging lawmakers to eliminate the federally enhanced unemployment payments,” as Truthout reported.

Companies Paying Starvation Wages Whine That Workers Aren’t Interested


The GOP and their masters thinking here reminds me of something from history attributed to Marie-Antoinette  “let them eat cake”!

Here is a goddamn idea…..why not up the minimum wage to $15 an hour and all those people would rush to fill vacancies in employment…..

It is not rocket science!

Well maybe it is….after all we are talking about Republicans here…..and most people know they are not the sharpest pencils in the box….just the most hateful.

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