D-Day Remembrance

Today is the 77th anniversary of the Allied landing on the beaches of Normandy……our “Greatest Generation” saving the world from fascism………..

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Some say this was the beginning of the end of the European theater of World War 2….and yet there is a large sector of the country that thinks that we should not have entered this conflict…..(originally posted on Memorial Day)…..

A new poll timed to Memorial Day shows that a surprising number of Americans say that the United States may have made a mistake in sending troops to fight in World War II.

An Economist/YouGov poll out this week asked respondents “Do you think the United States made a mistake sending troops to fight in the following wars?”

As expected, there were significant divisions over conflicts like the Vietnam War, with 48 percent responding that “yes” it was a mistake to send troops there, and narrower divisions for recent Middle East conflicts like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And the decision to send troops to fight i World War II received more support than any other in the poll, but it was far from unanimous. A third of respondents said it either was a mistake to send troops to fight the Nazi-led Axis powers, or they weren’t sure if it was a mistake to contribute troops to the prevention of Nazi world domination.

While 68 percent said it wasn’t a mistake, 14 percent said it was, and an additional 18 percent weren’t sure. Skepticism was highest among respondents between the ages of 30 and 44, of whom a majority were either opposed to or unsure of sending troops to fight in WWII — 26% said it was a mistake and 25% were not sure.

Wait, WHAT? One-THIRD of Americans Aren’t Convinced We Should Have Sent Troops — To Fight World War II

That is about 33% of the American people…..think about that.

Should the US have fought in that war?

My thought is yes we should have….it maybe the only war that we needed to participate in….a growing cancer on mankind needed to be surgically removed for the good of all.

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Please take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by those that answered the call….there are so few of them left….we owe them a debt and we should be working to preserve the ideals that they fought for and died.

After that watch this video from the Lincoln Project…..

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Sunday News Round-Up

It is a Sunday……and that means News that you cannot use……

The national news this morning was that some golfer who was leading a tournament had to withdraw because he tested positive for Covid……

May I see a show of hands of those that give a crap about some golfer?

Really!  Who gives a toss?

Can you remember back in the early days of the pandemic?  All the panic buying of toilet paper….now that the country is starting to open up once again there is a new panic buying spree……

It wasn’t that long ago we were reading about pandemic-triggered rushes on items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Two stories in the Wall Street Journal reflect how times have changed. For one thing, there’s a now a glut of hand sanitizer on the market, so much so that supermarkets are struggling to move it from their shelves, according to the Journal. The second story, headlined “The Great American Cleanup,” might be more telling: It catalogs a surge in sales for products related to personal grooming and the end of cooped-up living. Think deodorant, teeth-whitening gel, sunscreen, perfume, nail polish, swimsuits, luggage, and alarm clocks. The story notes that these sales aren’t spiking as dramatically as the shortage-related sales in the worst of the pandemic, but they still reflect a clear trend as masks come off and people get together more.

“Caring for oneself became a real personal and even introspective exercise, while other areas that relate more to presenting yourself to other people took a back seat,” says Eric O’Toole of Edgewell Personal Care Co., whose brands include Schick razors for men and women. “That’s beginning to shift back.” While increased sales of such items might not be a huge surprise, USA Today reports on another spike in a more unexpected area: multi-generational homes. Sales of houses where grandparents will live with their children and grandchildren, and perhaps an aunt and uncle or two, ticked up from 11% to 15% during the pandemic. The trend toward such living has generally been on the rise in recent years, but the pandemic appears to have accelerated it, writes Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy.

Hide your Axe and Dove….horde your beauty products from all those nefarious social climbers.

Health news…..fir good health turn off the TV…….

With the explosion of streaming services on top of cable and satellite and even old-fashioned over-the-air viewing, there’s more TV to watch than ever. That might be the problem. Three studies have found middle-age people who watch moderate to high amounts of TV are at greater risk of losing brain function and memory when they get older, Health Day reports. But researchers aren’t sure whether the declines are caused by the act of watching television or the act of sitting on the couch for hours. The pandemic makes the research timely, said the president of the American Heart Association. “We know people are spending more time engaging in sedentary behaviors such as watching television,” said Mitchell S.V. Elkind, per Courthouse News. But the habit is “easy to modify and could make a big difference in maintaining and improving brain health.”

The studies were conducted differently, but all tracked viewing habits over years, using brain scans or performance tests to check for changes. Researchers found less deep gray matter later in life among those who sometimes or often watched TV. One study’s author said that the findings are significant because the origins of dementia have been traced to midlife. “That’s a period where modifiable behaviors such as excessive television viewing can be targeted and reduced to promote healthy brain aging,” he said. More than 7 million new dementia cases are diagnosed globally each year, and the rate is climbing. Sedentary habits are so harmful that the benefits of, say, going for a run can be wiped out by then sitting at a desk, Elkind said. “The more movement, the better,” he advised. “Try to get some activity in every hour.”

Take walk for christ sake!

There has been a lot written about the invasion of the cicadas….a 17 year phenom…well for most but not here in the South they seem to be around every year….

The FDA issued a “ruling”…..

Trillions of Brood X cicadas have emerged in eastern states after 17 years underground—and while the insects are being praised as a tasty low-fat food source, the Food and Drug Administration has sounded a note of caution. “Yep! We have to say it! Don’t eat cicadas if you’re allergic to seafood as these insects share a family relation to shrimp and lobsters,” the FDA tweeted Wednesday. United Nations researchers recently warned that people allergic to crustaceans are “particularly vulnerable to developing allergic reactions to edible insects, due to allergen cross-reactivity,” reports NBC.

David Stukus, a member of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s Medical Scientific Council, tells the Washington Post that people with seafood allergies would be wise to take a better-safe-than-sorry-approach. “There’s no good clinical research evaluating the risk of ingesting cicadas for people with shellfish allergies, so we are extrapolating,” he says. Stukus says the allergic reaction to shellfish is triggered by the ingestion of a muscle protein and there is no danger of a reaction if people just handle the insects or their skeletons. The Post notes that chefs have been sharing recipes for cicada cookies, cicada sushi, cicada tacos—and, for the first time, cicadas cooked in air fryers.

Bon Apetite….

Just a little of the news you probably missed…..

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