Pride Month–2021

June has been designated as Pride Month….

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You knew I could not let this slide by without some sort of historic perspective…….and you would be correct.

These are the same-sex couples in history……

History is recorded by individual human beings with their own beliefs and interests guiding what they choose to record, and, as such, many events and details may be omitted from the account of a certain event or the story of a great person’s life. This is especially so when considering so-called “gay history”.

“Gay history”, of course, is just history which includes mention of an individual’s sexual orientation. Same-sex relationships were regarded as simply another expression of human sexuality in the cultures of ancient civilizations and were not considered “shameful” or “sinful” until after the rise of Christianity, which condemned such relationships, not because they were “wrong” but because they were associated with other belief systems and practices.

Achilles & Patroclus–not-so-famous-same-sex-couples-in-anci/

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Saturday News

As the holiday begins we here on the Gulf Coast are looking at our first storm of the season….lots of wind and rain…..TS Claudette…..rain hard and steady for 6 hours….

The weekend begins and I have a wealth of absolutely useless news to share with my reader…..

Can a 7 year old be arrested for rape?

In New York state, children as young as 7 can be arrested and charged as juvenile delinquents in family court. But is that age too young? It’s a question being asked in the state, one that was amplified by the March 23 arrest of a 7-year-old in Brasher Falls, NY, on a charge of third-degree rape, reports WWNY. Virtually no additional details of the case are known due to privacy regulations (the New York Post reports the incident allegedly happened on Thanksgiving), but the New York Times uses it as a springboard for examining whether said arrest should have happened at all. According to some judges, lawyers, and juvenile justice experts they spoke to, no—they say at his age, it would be better for social service agencies to step in, which does occur in hundreds of cases each year. In 2019, New York’s family courts heard 121 cases involving children 12 and under.

Dawne Mitchell, head of the Legal Aid Society’s juvenile rights practice, says that’s because children of that age aren’t cognitively capable of understanding the consequences that follow their actions, and that being put in handcuffs and taken to court exacts a psychological toll that can be traumatic and set them on a path toward recidivism. And a Queens attorney suggested to the Post that the case was as pointless as it is “absurd”: “They’d have to prove he actually physically committed this act, which to me it almost seems to be an impossibility.” New York’s State Legislature may have a chance to weigh in by way of a bill that would up that age from 7 to 12; the Times notes that the UN in 2018 urged countries to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14. Connecticut also has a minimum age of 7; North Carolina has the lowest specified age in the country, at just 6.


Looks like an ex-Marine wants to make the state of Maine an all white state….

According to private chat logs obtained by Vice News, a neo-Nazi and ex-Marine has plans to turn the state of Maine into an all-white ethnostate.

Chris Pohlhaus, 34, who has thousands of followers on his popular far-right social media network, sent a series of messages on Telegram that details his plans for white people to move to Maine and make a “white future” for themselves.

Speaking to Vice News, Pohlhaus said that he’s “not doing anything illegal.”

Those damn flag burners!

GOP Sen. Steve Daines (Mont.) on Monday reintroduced a constitutional amendment to bar the “physical desecration of the American flag.”

“The American flag is a symbol of liberty and a beacon of hope. It represents the ideals that our nation was built upon and for decades, brave men and women have carried its colors into battle to defend the United States of America,” the Montana senator said in a statement released on Flag Day.

“The Stars and Stripes are a representation of freedom. We must always protect and respect the American flag,” he added.

Daines has introduced this amendment two times before.

The measure was co-sponsored by Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), Mike Crapo (Idaho), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Kevin Cramer (N.D.).

Flag burning, an often controversial form of protest, is considered to be a protected form of self-expression under the First Amendment. In the landmark 1989 Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson, the court ruled 5-4 that Gregory Lee Johnson, a protester who burned a flag, could express politically charged symbolic speech even if it meant desecrating a national symbol.


So the Supreme Court is not the last word on law…..gotta love the GOP…they never miss a chance to do stupid stuff.

“My opponent wants me dead”  Uttering from an in-bred Floridian running for office…..

Anna Paulina Luna want to unseat Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist in next year’s election—but she’s worried that potential rivals for the Republican nomination will kill her first. Luna, who lost to Crist in Florida’s 13th District last year, has obtained a stalking injunction against William Braddock, who plans to enter the race this week, the Tampa Bay Times reports. In her petition, she says she was made aware of a a plan “to murder me made by William Braddock in an effort to prevent me from winning the election.” She claims Braddock is working with two other people she describes as “political rivals,” including Amanda Makki, her opponent in the district’s 2020 GOP primary, to “take her out.”

The injunction bans Braddock from a conservative-friendly coffee shop and any event where Luna is speaking. A spokesperson for Luna tells the Hill that there are multiple ongoing law enforcement investigations based on Braddock’s “own threats and actions, and we are confident the facts will be public at the appropriate time.” There will be a hearing on extending the injunction on June 22 and Braddock tells the Times that he’s not planning on preparing for it because he hasn’t done anything wrong. “This woman is off her rocker and she does not need to be representing anyone,” says Braddock, who accuses Luna of filing a false police report. Luna won the 2020 nomination with the help of a nomination from Rep. Matt Gaetz, Raw Story notes

Just a typical GOP candidate these days….batcrap crazy!

How much do you enjoy lobster?

Seems Red Lobster is making false claims about the lobsters it serves to his diners….

Red Lobster has been making some fishy claims about its product, according to a class- action lawsuit filed in California. According to court documents, the plaintiffs say the chain markets its lobster and shrimp as “sustainable” and “responsible” when the truth is very different, IntraFish reports. The lawsuit, which accuses Red Lobster of making deceptive claims, says the chain’s Maine lobster comes from suppliers who use “environmentally destructive practices that threaten endangered populations of North American right whales.” Part of the Maine lobster fishery lost its Marine Stewardship Council certification last year after a judge ruled that it was a threat to whales.

The lawsuit also states that Red Lobster’s shrimp comes from sources that “do not employ the highest environmental or animal welfare standards,” including farms in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and China. The lawsuit calls for the chain to pay damages to consumers and drop its claims of sustainability. Red Lobster declined to comment on the suit, but Marianne LaCroix, executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, tells Maine Public Radio that it is misguided. “The fishermen and the state have been working to protect right whales for over 20 years now and have made great strides,” she says. “

Just another marketing scheme to make diners feel better about the stuff they use or consume.

Boycott Red Lobster if you have a soul.

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