A High Schooler With Guts!

An IST Shout Out!

This young Texas lady has shown more guts than the officials in DC…..

The commencement speech that Lake Highlands High School valedictorian Paxton Smith planed to give—and that administrators approved—had to do with media and content consumption. But in light of the “heartbeat” abortion bill her home state of Texas just signed into law, which will essentially ban all abortions after the six-week mark of pregnancy after it takes effect in September, she changed her topic without notifying administrators. “I have dreams, hopes, and ambitions,” she said when addressing the graduating class Sunday, per D Magazine. “Every girl here does. We have spent our whole lives working towards our futures, and without our consent or input, our control over our futures has been stripped away from us.”

The 18-year-old called the legislation “gut-wrenching,” especially considering it offers no exceptions for rape or incest. “I refuse to give up this platform to promote complacency and peace, when there is a war on my body and a war on my rights. A war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your daughters,” she concluded. “We cannot stay silent.” The speech got some high-profile shout-outs, including one from Hillary Clinton. A district spokesperson tells the Dallas News speech protocols will be reviewed ahead of next year’s graduation ceremony. Smith, who is headed for UT Austin, says she’s heard from some administrators that her diploma may be held as a result, but nothing has yet happened on that front.

Kudos to this brave young lady…..

This country needs more young like her and less game remote players…..

It took a lot of guts and IST wishes Ms Smith all the luck in her future endeavors….and with the hope that she does lose that spark and fire for social justice.

Thank you Miss Smith

I Read, I Write, You Know

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11 thoughts on “A High Schooler With Guts!

  1. I’m so proud of her. She’s one brave young woman. These laws make me so mad. My mom had an abortion when she was 18 years old. She felt she couldn’t handle the possibility of raising 2 disabled kids.

    1. I worry that her action will make it harder for youth to step up….I mean it is Texas and they make it a felon to do this sort of thing. chuq

      1. I don’t think I could’ve given that speech. I graduated from high school in Oklahoma. It’s a pretty conservative state to. These laws weren’t really around 20 years ago.

  2. That young woman could move to a state with better laws. But she is right to stay in Texas and campaign against it. Well done to her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Good for her! Without young women who are willing to take risks to voice their opinions and views, we will return to the dark ages. I hope the school will do the right thing, but I am not holding my breath. She has a bright future ahead of her regardless.

    1. I look for Abbot to try and pass something that would make that kind of speech a felony for criticizing government leaders. chuq

  4. Yes! I just posted about this gutsy young woman as well. It’s sickening what’s happening in Texas and other states. This isn’t about caring for the unborn. If it was, anti-choicers would do more to help under-privileged children. If men could get pregnant abortion wouldn’t be the issue it is. No, this is about power and control, plain and simple. Sorry for the rant chuq.😡🤬

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