A “Year Of Carnage”?

Closing Thought–25May21

So far this year there have been a wealth of fatal shootings all over the country…..far too many and yet nothing is being done to curb the trajectory of events.

Over this past weekend I read some disturbing news on gun violence…..12 mass shootings.

At least a dozen mass shootings took place over the weekend across the country, killing at least 11 people and injuring another 69. CNN combined its own stats with those from the Gun Violence Archive, as well as police and other media reports, and found the latest slew of mass shootings—defined by CNN as shootings that result in at least four people killed or wounded, not counting the shooter—took place in eight states between Friday night and Sunday: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. The weekend fatalities included three dead at a bar in Youngstown, Ohio, where three were also injured; one dead and three injured at an apartment complex in Fort Wayne, Ind.; a 16-year-old girl killed and five other people injured in a park shooting in Columbus, Ohio; two dead and 12 injured at a house party in Cumberland County, NJ; a 14-year-old girl killed and 13 other people injured at an unauthorized concert in North Charleston, SC; one dead and eight wounded in downtown Minneapolis; and two dead and four injured in Jersey City, NJ.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls this weekend’s shootings part of a “year of carnage,” continuing a “staggering trend of mass shootings [that] have quickly rebounded to the forefront of American life” as the country starts to get COVID-19 under control. In fact, the pandemic’s lockdowns and other restrictions may be partly what’s behind the resurgence of mass shootings, says Hart Brown, senior VP of crisis management firm R3 Continuum. “The environment that was created by the pandemic … and the compounding stressors is really what’s driving much of the violence that we’re seeing right now,” he told Reuters earlier this month. Despite the reemergence of this type of gun violence, a Pew Research Center survey conducted in April finds that gun policy remains a “deeply divisive” topic along partisan lines, with the majority of Democrats leaning toward stricter gun-safety laws, while Republicans are mostly balking at such measures.

Does anyone else find this news disturbing and should be unacceptable to the American people?

And yet we just shrug it off and go about yelling about mask wearing.

Does any else see just how pathetic this all is?

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8 thoughts on “A “Year Of Carnage”?

  1. If you keep killing each other at this alarming rate, the foreign terrorists will not need to bother with any atrocities on mainland USA. You are doing their job for them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The self made problems, seems to be the best. Even they are having no solutions, they are discussing the masks, and the virus strains. How sad this is. Here, we are awaiting our first shot. Maybe it will become a Christmas gift. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

  3. I said after Newtown that if the SLAUGHTER of innocent children couldn’t break American ammosexuals love of guns, then nothing would.

    1. I is so sad that the this has become the ‘ordinary’ in this country….and nothing gets done to try and curb the violence. chuq

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