Closing Thought–24May21

Those that have been arrested for their part in the capitol insurrection and trying all avenues to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

Now some are claiming it was not their fault they just got caught up in the moment.

Christopher Grider said he came to Washington on Jan. 6 with no intention of rioting. But he got caught up in the mob of angry supporters of then-President Trump as they surged into the Capitol, breaking through police barriers and smashing through doors. It wasn’t his fault, he said, that he ended up inside the building with a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag around his neck as lawmakers ran for their lives, the AP reports. Grider, 39, is among at least a dozen Capitol riot defendants identified by the Associated Press who have claimed their presence in the building was a result of being caught up in the hysteria of the crowd or that they were pushed inside by sheer force. Judges typically don’t let defendants assert at trial that outside influences made them act as they did, but there’s some precedent for a version of the argument succeeding at trial.

Lawyers at the California trial of two Black men charged with attempted murder in the beating of white truck driver Reginald Denny during Los Angeles riots in 1992 were allowed to call psychiatry professor Armando Morales to testify that a pervasive mob mentality meant the men couldn’t have intended to harm anyone. Denny was pulled out of his truck and severely beaten after four white Los Angeles officers were acquitted of most charges in the beating of Black motorist Rodney King. One Jan. 6 rioter told investigators that walking up the Capitol steps was like “a funnel.” A second claimed he couldn’t pull back from the crowd, even though the FBI said video showed the man made no attempt to turn around. For some, blaming the mob is part of an attempt to restore reputations tarnished by their presence at an event of such infamy. Others may try to broach the issue at trial or at least during sentencing in bids for leniency.

What happened to the statement that “ignorance of the law is NO excuse”?

Then there are some of the insurrectionists that are not plea dealing….why?

They believe that Trump will come sweeping in and save their butts….

“There’ll be a complication for plea agreement negotiations,” MacFarlane said, citing the lawyer. “He says *some* defendants think Trump is going to swoop in and save them.”


And how would Trump achieve this?  Since he can NO longer pardon those that worship the ground he walks upon.

They made an individual choice to join in….is that not what most of them are babbling…their individual rights?

Well they were an individual….they made a choice….it was them exercising their right….now pay for the choice.

Their should be NO leniency at all….make them pay for the ignorance and their stupidity.  Period!

I still say the ‘leaders’ (if you can call over-weight in-bred morons leaders) should have their trials televised… that the American people NEVER forget the treason these social slugs committed.

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It’s Those Individual Rights

These every person with a mouth is creaming about their individual rights….the right to not wear a mask…to wear on….their rights to do this or that….I just could not let this babbling continue without a thought or two.

Gulf South Free Press

This is a debate in this country even from the very beginning and the silliness rages to this day.

These days the individual rights thing centers around the pandemic and the use of masks and even the vaccinations.

Let’s us take a look at what “individual rights” is all about….

Rights are essential for a society to function properly. They are normally set by laws and enforced by the government. There are many different rights and democracy is the political system that protects basic these rights the most. When basic individual rights, such as the right to vote, to work, to live and to have a family among other fundamental rights, are prohibited or limited by a government the country might not be living under democratic principles.

Imagine a world where you could not own property or even a weapon to protect yourself and your family. You couldn’t vote for…

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Not With US Help

For ten days Israel has been punishing Gaza’s civilians for the actions of Hamas…..and the US has called for ceasefire….most of that is rhetoric and means nothing….just a way to calm the protests and cover Israel’s ass for them (something we do constantly).

***A ceasefire after 11 days is holding but it is a very shaky cease***

The US has never been serious about a solution that is beneficial to both sides…..not since the 1970s that is…..and it is NOT serious today.

Why would I say this?

more than 300 American lawmakers publicly pledged their unconditional loyalty to a foreign power.

In a letter to the chair and ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee, the members of Congress cautioned against “reducing funding or adding conditions on” US welfare checks (totaling $3.8 billion annually) to Israel.

The letter name-checks US President Joe Biden, who, nearly a year ago tried to have it both ways — decrying Israeli annexation of Palestinian land and the eviction of Palestinian residents to make room for Israeli squatters (“settlers”), while likewise volubly assuring Jewish campaign donors, “I’m not going to place conditions on security assistance.”

Now Biden and members of Congress from both sides of the partisan aisle feign surprise and dismay as the Israeli regime once again makes war on the populations of the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.

What the heck did they expect?

Peace in Palestine? Not if American Politicians Can Help It

But as they (whoever “they” are) actions speak louder than words…..

The UN Security Council was considering a statement condemning the violence in Gaza, which has left hundreds of Palestinians dead including dozens of women and children, and calling for a ceasefire—but the US blocked it Monday, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to Al Jazeera, that’s the third time in a week US opposition to such a statement has prevented one from being released. The council held an emergency virtual meeting to discuss the crisis, and China, which holds the rotating presidency of the council for the month of May, drafted the statement late Sunday. After it was blocked by the US, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson told reporters, “We urge the US to shoulder its fair share of responsibilities, take a just stance, and work with the majority of the international community to support the Security Council.”

Times of Israel, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken became the first US official to call for a ceasefire late Sunday. The draft UN statement, obtained by the Times, “expressed [the council’s] grave concern regarding the crisis related to Gaza and the loss of civilian lives and casualties, and called for de-escalation of the situation, cessation of violence and respect for international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians, especially children.” On Monday afternoon, Israel’s defense minister thanked the US for blocking it, the Independent
Another reason there should be NO ONE country that can veto the will of the UN….plus there should be NO permanent members on the Security Council….that in NO way promotes democracy and that was the original intent for the UN.
If there is to be a peace then do not look to the US for leadership….we are too busy stroking the scrotum of BiBi.
While we snuggle up to Israel innocent civilians continue to die in the name of self-defense.
Keep in mind that Israel buys US weapons with US taxpayer dollars….

On May 5, Hamas commander Mohammed Deif issued a warning to Israel’s government: Unless Israeli police and troops stopped attacking Palestinians in Jerusalem — including not just those protesting against the regime’s theft of their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on behalf of Israeli “settlers,” but also worshipers at al-Aqsa mosque, one of Islam’s most sacred sites — rockets would fly.

On the same day, the Biden administration notified Congress of its approval for Boeing’s sale of $735 worth of Joint Direct Attack Munitions to the Israeli regime.

When Israel’s Regime Buys US Weapons, It Buys Them With Your Money

Ask yourself this….if the Biden group condemns the Saudis action in Yemen…why not Gaza?
What part of killing civilians is acceptable?   Any civilian.
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