Closing Thought–03May21

When elected Biden was said by conservs that the markets would suffer…..but all their doom and gloom from the GOP and its spokesmen…….happily they were WRONG.

Modest gains for stocks nudged the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq to more record highs on Wall Street as investors braced for a deluge of earnings reports from big US companies. Of the 500 members of the S&P 500 index, 181 will report their results this week. Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and Caterpillar are among the big-name companies that will be telling investors how they did in the first three months of the year. Ten of the 30 members of the Dow will also release their results.. The S&P 500 rose 7.45 points, or 0.2%, to 4,187.62. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 61.92 points, or 0.2%, to 33,981.57. The Nasdaq rose 121.97 points, or 0.9%, to 14,138.78. The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies rose 26.15 points, or 1.2% to 2,298.01

The stakes for investors are high this week, the AP reports. With millions of vaccines going out daily and trillions of dollars worth of government-led economic support being paid out, investors have turned much of their attention to how well the global economy—and corporate profits—will do in the recovery. Corporate profits in the S&P 500 are expected to be up 24% from this time a year ago, according to FactSet. Earnings growth is being welcomed by investors who have had to justify high stock values as many companies continue to emerge from a pandemic slump. About a quarter of S&P 500 companies have reported quarterly results so far this earnings season. Of these, 84% have delivered earnings that topped Wall Street’s estimates, according to FactSet.

Not to worry the CEOs are raking in the cash for themselves.

Once again the GOP has shown just how bad they lie and just how outta touch they truly have become.

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Cry Me A River!

The insurrection updates here in IST…..

Remember all those insurrectionists that were in our august body known as the US Congress…elected officials that egged on the insurrection?

Well some of them are running for office and/or re-election… the moron from Kansas, Roger Marshall….after supporting the insurrection caused by the Big Lie he now wants to move on and be re-elected…..

One Republican senator argued on Saturday that it’s time for people to stop asking him about why he voted with the insurrectionists the night of the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.

CNN anchor Pamela Brown noted a new poll showing that 70% of Republicans believe the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

“You voted to toss out millions of votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania, you also joined on to the Texas lawsuit attempting to throw out votes cast in four states,” Brown noted as Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) nodding his head in affirmation.

“Look Pamela, it’s so — we’re just so ready to move on,” Marshall replied.

My thought to this fool is….”I will possibly move on from your betrayal of the nation when you and your morons move on from the “Big Lie”……in other words….F*CK YOU!

He is not alone.

There is a slew of insurrectionists that will be running for office in 2022…

From Nebraska to New Jersey, attendees of the now-infamous rally that became a riot are campaigning for elected office. One—a longshot Michigan candidate who previously organized anti-lockdown rallies in his home state—even appears to have entered the Capitol.

Why would any true American vote for anyone that holds the beliefs these political slugs hold?

We already have enough spineless fools in Congress why send more?

Bad news for the country.

All the multiple arrests made because of the insurrection…the news is that most will not face jail time….

More than 400 people have been charged with federal crimes in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol—but prison time may be another story. With new defendants still flooding into DC’s federal court, the Justice Department is under pressure to quickly resolve the least serious of cases. While defendants charged with crimes such as conspiracy and assaulting officers during the insurrection could be looking at hefty sentences, some members of the mob who weren’t caught joining in the violence or destruction could see little to no time behind bars, per the AP. “The people who were just there for the ride and somewhat clueless … most of them they probably will not get prison time,” says Rachel Barkow, a professor at the New York University School of Law. “Having a misdemeanor on their record, going through all this is probably a pretty big wake-up call for most of the folks.” It’s also a formidable task for lawyers and judges alike to determine the appropriate punishment to seek and hand down.

Many defendants had steady jobs and no criminal records, factors typically rewarded with leniency in the criminal justice system. Of the more than 400 federal defendants so far, at least 100 are facing only lower-level crimes such as disorderly conduct and entering a restricted area, which don’t typically result in time behind bars for first-time offenders. Hundreds more were also charged with more serious offenses—like conspiracy, assault, or obstruction of an official proceeding—that carry hefty prison time of years behind bars, but theses defendants may take pleas that would wipe those charges from their cases. If prosecutors seek stiff sentences for the lowest-level defendants, they’ll be juggling hundreds of cases going to trial instead of focusing on the major offenders, Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson notes. “If there’s any pressure on the [DOJ], it’s to deal with these cases in a way so that you never have to see them again,” she says.

I say screw these traitors…there is lots of room at Gitmo…..why not use the space to punish these worthless tools?

If they must go free then fine the piss out of them….give them something to think about and remember their threat to the nation.

I want everyone on of these pricks to face what they have done.

This is not over…..

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Treatise On Voting

Just my thought on the American institution of voting that is being bastardized to guarantee a retention of power. Thanx to those that stopped by GSFP…hopefully this will generate some interest here on IST chuq

Gulf South Free Press

One of the big stories for 2021 is that of voting and the attempts to suppress the turn-out.

Our president has signed into place an Executive Order on voting rights……a quick look at the EO…..

Direct federal agencies to expand access to voter registration and election information. The executive order will direct the head of each federal agency to submit to the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy a strategic plan outlining ways their agency can promote voter registration and participation within 200 days. These strategic plans could include actions such as:

  • Leveraging agencies’ existing websites and social media to provide information about how to register to vote
  • Distributing voter registration and vote-by-mail ballot applications in the course of regular services
  • Considering whether any identity documents issued by the agency can be issued in a form that satisfies state voter identification laws

A good start but so much more…

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Thou Shall Not Deal With China

The war hawks are revving up their misinformation machine against China (the new enemy we must fear) and the nation has been expanding their influence around the world to include Africa…..and that expansion worries the US and plays into the hands of the war hawks.

The new SecState has issued a warning to Africa….

Secretary of State Antony cautioned Africa about China’s role in the continent in virtual talks with Nigeria and Kenya on Tuesday.

Responding to questions, Blinken said he hoped African countries would keep their “eyes wide open” when approaching relationships with other nations.

“We’re not asking anyone to choose between the United States or China, but I would encourage you to ask those tough questions, to dig beneath the surface, to demand transparency, and to make informed choices about what is best for you and your countries,” he said.

Beijing is involved in infrastructure projects across Africa, which the US views as a threat to American influence. President Biden has floated the idea of the US and its allies starting a global infrastructure project to rival China’s, which is known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

Biden has portrayed the US-China relationship as an ideological battle between “democracy” and “autocracy.” With this view in mind, it’s no wonder the US aims to compete with China in every theater it can.

China is also being used to justify domestic infrastructure projects. President Biden cited the need to compete with Beijing as the reason to pass his massive $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.


That sounded like a ‘veiled threat’ to me….a threat is a threat regardless of the wording.

Let me see China is offering to build roads and other infrastructure projects to help the economy of ma nation and the US offers up special ops soldiers and armament.

Looks like China is winning more friends than the US.

Here’s a thought…maybe the US should find an alternative to armed conflict…look beyond the profit margins of the M-IC and offer the other nations ways to benefit the people and not the dictators and autocrats that ‘run’ most of these countries.

I know I am one voice in the wilderness against the M-IC and its aims of destruction and profit…I have been since 1972 and will remain so until I am gone.

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