Heroes To The Left….Heroes To The Right

Memorial Day weekend and we here in the US celebrate the ‘heroes’ that gave their all for their country….

We all have our idea of who were the heroes this country should celebrate….some are not as heroic as you might think and then there are heroes that you probably never heard of at any time….

The label ‘hero’ is overused these days….

And there is where I pick up the meat of this post…..

We begin this lesson on heroics with Hugh Thompson…..

Hugh Clowers Thompson, Jr. (1943 – 2006), was part Cherokee, descended from survivors of the Trail of Tears. Raised in Georgia, Thompson was a Boy Scout from a religious family whose children were taught discipline and integrity. In their corner of the segregated South, the Thompsons stood out for their opposition to racism, and for standing up for and helping people of color. In his youth, Thompson, Jr., helped his family make ends meet by plowing fields and working in a funeral home, before he joined the US Navy in 1961. He was honorably discharged in 1964, returned to Georgia, studied to become a licensed funeral home director, and settled in to raise a family.

When the Vietnam War heated up, Thompson felt obligated to serve his country, and enlisted in the US Army in 1966. He was trained as a helicopter pilot, and was sent to Vietnam. On March 16th, 1968, Thompson flew an OH-23 Raven observation helicopter in support of a search-and-destroy operation near Son My when he realized that a massacre was taking place below. He landed and tried to get some soldiers to help wounded civilians, but they offered to finish them off, instead. Their commanding officer, a Lieutenant William Calley, brushed Thompson off. So he took off in his helicopter, frantically radioed the chain that a massacre was taking place, and set about saving as many people as he could.

Heroic People Who Deserve to be Way More Famous

Please read about these people and you decide if they are heroes.

Be Smart!

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Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend…..

Class dismissed!

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Those Battlefield Blunders

As I checked my comments this morning I got an ‘atta boy” from Word Press……

You’ve posted 210 days in a row on In Saner Thought! Keep up the good work.

WP needs to check their stats a bit closer….I have posted at least one post for the last 10 years…..back in 2011 WP had a challenge for bloggers to post at least once a day…..I stared then doing so and have continued for a decade…..so their stats are wrong.

Now for a Saturday history lesson…..

Every war has its blunders…..wrong decisions by leadership, bad planning, and just stupidity……but there are a few that were monumental….monumental in the sense of disastrous.

Imagine how much longer and bloodier World War II might have been had Admiral Yamamoto not filled the decks of his vulnerable carriers at Midway with fully fueled airplanes awaiting ordnance. What if Hitler, despite his anger at the bombing of Berlin, hadn’t switched tactics from downing Spitfires to uselessly attacking London?

Battlefield blunders can be as decisive as brilliant tactics, whether they suddenly advance tribal factions toward nationhood, punish a proud military unaccustomed to losing or temporarily swing the balance of power in an utterly unexpected direction.

That said, following are five losers who might have wished for a do-over.

The Worst Battlefield Blunders: Five Battles That Ended Badly

For once I agree with the choices…..Gallipoli, Little Big Horn and Dien Bien Phu…..

Dien Bien Phu should have been a warning to the US about involvement in Vietnam….Giap was a genius in the planning and the French were arrogant and completely clueless of their enemy.

Do you have any others that were left off this list?

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Learn Stuff!

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