The American Racial Divide

The racial divide in this country is wider than it has been in 60+ years….here are so may reasons but the rise of all this populist and nationalistic BS has made it a driving force in American society.

But why are we still fighting this battle?

There’s been a recent flurry of studies and analyses that take a deeper look at the results of the 2020 election. These examinations don’t contradict our early interpretation of the results from the days and weeks immediately following Election Day: The overwhelming majority of voters backed the candidate from the party that they normally lean toward, though then-President Trump did slightly better with voters of color and slightly worse with white voters than he did in 2016. But the new examinations and other data tell a nuanced story about the role of race in the 2020 contest.

American voters …  

  1. Remain deeply polarized based on ethnicity and racial identity; 
  2. Were less polarized by racial identity in 2020 compared to 2016; and 
  3. Are very polarized by attitudes about racial and cultural issues. 

American Politics Now Has Two Big Racial Divides

Look at the Civil Rights Act….it became law because business people wanted it because they were suffering from boycotts and protests… they got LBJ to enact a law….old white guys decided to do something to protect their holdings not because it was right but because it threatened their profits.

This divide will remain with us until there is such a time that color means nothing to us….and that is not in the cards in the rest of my life.

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11 thoughts on “The American Racial Divide

  1. You seem to have more than your fair share of racial divides. Whether with black people, Native Americans, Latinos, Muslim immigrants, and so on.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. What should we say, here in Germany? 😉 Over the last decades we had at least no migration. We neither have a legislation for this, nor having our politicans any thoughts. They are knowing about other countries, states and races. But only for selling them Germany produced goods. I think this inequality between the countries is one of the biggest problems. Our politicians would have loved to send you the refugees, from Syria to the USA. xx

    1. And to the idiot right if you work for all people you are a socialist….labels help nothing….but it seems it is all that some understand. chuq

      1. Under Trump we had the lowest unemployment in all categories so the right does work for all people for one example. Who invented the labels, i.e. , identity politics of race and gender ? It wasn’t the republicans. Hillary Clinton was and remains the master of that technique. She employed the old Nixon axiom: divide the nation and get 51 %. Agree the right misuses the word socialism and some ignorant yahoos absorb and expouse that idea and that it is a misapplied and misunderstood trigger. . In my own case, I agree with the Preamble of the Constitution with respect to the phrase “promote the general welfare”. That is not welfare in the socialist or food stamp sense but the wellbeing of all people in employment, health care, sound voting procedures, freedom from crime, education and safe and legitimate border control. I can’t think of a single Republican leader that is not fully supportive of the idea that they are there to enhance the lives of all people in this country.

      2. They sure do not vote like they care. Hillary is a moot point…she lost so nothing she was saying matters. Gender politics is just a scam run on the ignorant on both sides…..the only ignorant yahoos are those that use labels and those that lick them up because low IQ prevents them from actual rational thought. chuq

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