It’s Those Individual Rights

These every person with a mouth is creaming about their individual rights….the right to not wear a mask…to wear on….their rights to do this or that….I just could not let this babbling continue without a thought or two.

Gulf South Free Press

This is a debate in this country even from the very beginning and the silliness rages to this day.

These days the individual rights thing centers around the pandemic and the use of masks and even the vaccinations.

Let’s us take a look at what “individual rights” is all about….

Rights are essential for a society to function properly. They are normally set by laws and enforced by the government. There are many different rights and democracy is the political system that protects basic these rights the most. When basic individual rights, such as the right to vote, to work, to live and to have a family among other fundamental rights, are prohibited or limited by a government the country might not be living under democratic principles.

Imagine a world where you could not own property or even a weapon to protect yourself and your family. You couldn’t vote for…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Those Individual Rights

  1. This issue is fraught with contradictions. Too many in Government scoff at the notion of Individual [not to mention Constitutional] Rights, while too many Citizens attempt to invent a Right where none exists. And the phrase, the “public good” is so vague as to realistically [and legally] be meaningless.

    But I concur, support ALL individual Rights…or you really don’t support the concept at all.

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