Closing Thought–24May21

Those that have been arrested for their part in the capitol insurrection and trying all avenues to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

Now some are claiming it was not their fault they just got caught up in the moment.

Christopher Grider said he came to Washington on Jan. 6 with no intention of rioting. But he got caught up in the mob of angry supporters of then-President Trump as they surged into the Capitol, breaking through police barriers and smashing through doors. It wasn’t his fault, he said, that he ended up inside the building with a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag around his neck as lawmakers ran for their lives, the AP reports. Grider, 39, is among at least a dozen Capitol riot defendants identified by the Associated Press who have claimed their presence in the building was a result of being caught up in the hysteria of the crowd or that they were pushed inside by sheer force. Judges typically don’t let defendants assert at trial that outside influences made them act as they did, but there’s some precedent for a version of the argument succeeding at trial.

Lawyers at the California trial of two Black men charged with attempted murder in the beating of white truck driver Reginald Denny during Los Angeles riots in 1992 were allowed to call psychiatry professor Armando Morales to testify that a pervasive mob mentality meant the men couldn’t have intended to harm anyone. Denny was pulled out of his truck and severely beaten after four white Los Angeles officers were acquitted of most charges in the beating of Black motorist Rodney King. One Jan. 6 rioter told investigators that walking up the Capitol steps was like “a funnel.” A second claimed he couldn’t pull back from the crowd, even though the FBI said video showed the man made no attempt to turn around. For some, blaming the mob is part of an attempt to restore reputations tarnished by their presence at an event of such infamy. Others may try to broach the issue at trial or at least during sentencing in bids for leniency.

What happened to the statement that “ignorance of the law is NO excuse”?

Then there are some of the insurrectionists that are not plea dealing….why?

They believe that Trump will come sweeping in and save their butts….

“There’ll be a complication for plea agreement negotiations,” MacFarlane said, citing the lawyer. “He says *some* defendants think Trump is going to swoop in and save them.”


And how would Trump achieve this?  Since he can NO longer pardon those that worship the ground he walks upon.

They made an individual choice to join in….is that not what most of them are babbling…their individual rights?

Well they were an individual….they made a choice….it was them exercising their right….now pay for the choice.

Their should be NO leniency at all….make them pay for the ignorance and their stupidity.  Period!

I still say the ‘leaders’ (if you can call over-weight in-bred morons leaders) should have their trials televised… that the American people NEVER forget the treason these social slugs committed.

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4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24May21

  1. OMG you’re suck a hard ass! Did you think maybe DJT still plans a come back?

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