From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

Closing Thought–22Apr21

This sector of IST keeps expanding…..for there is a wealth of stupid out there I intend to shine a lot on as much as possible.

Meanwhile back in the Red States of the New South….where the important issues are abortion and bathrooms….not the solutions to the problems of the residents.

This is yet another stupid law that would invade the lives of people…..

Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson did a good thing and vetoed a bill that would criminalize healthcare for transgender kids. Naturally, the Republican-majority legislature in the state was less than pleased, but determined to make their their state even more inhospitable to transgender people than it already is just by virtue of being Arkansas. So they overrode the veto. The Arkansas House passed a bill allowing teachers to misgender their students and call them by the wrong names, and now they want to pass another, equally terrible bill meant to facilitate discrimination against trans people.

The “Arkansas Privacy Accommodations Act,” (HB 1882), sponsored by Rep. Cindy Crawford (not that Cindy Crawford), would allow people who happen to encounter a trans person in the bathroom of a public agency or entity to sue for “monetary damages for all psychological, emotional, and physical harm suffered.” How one would even begin to quantify something so ridiculous is unclear.

The bill is set to go before the State Agencies and Government Affairs committee today, and will likely be passed, given that the Arkansas legislature seems to really hate trans people.

Co-sponsoring the bill is none other than Mary Bentley, the Arkansas Republican who was the primary sponsor of both the bill that would allow teachers to bully trans students and the bill to teach creationism in schools. She’s a real peach.

The bill defines “sex” as “a person’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth” — a definition clearly meant to appeal to transphobes who don’t even know intersex people exist. However, it also says that “evidence of a person’s biological sex includes without limitation any government-issued identification document that accurately reflects a person’s sex.”

Surprisingly, it is actually fairly easy to change one’s gender on an Arkansas driver’s license — all one needs to do is to ask the clerk at the DMV office to change the gender to M, F or X. Because guess what? As super backwards as Arkansas is, they have a nonbinary gender option on their driver’s licenses, and they were the first state to do so, back in 2010. Go figure.

Now, sure. They expressly say “that accurately reflects a person’s sex,” but how the hell are they going to know? Are they going to actually inspect people’s genitals? Ask to see their birth certificates to see what gender they were assigned when they were born? How far are they planning to take this? And boy, won’t things get awkward in these bathrooms when these transphobes think they see someone who is of the “opposite sex” in their bathrooms but isn’t? Will they still be entitled to damages for the “psychological, emotional and physical harm” suffered if they’re wrong? Because there are many, many ways this could go wrong, especially if Arkansas expects transgender men to use the women’s room and expects transgender women to use the men’s room.


Once again the Red States find a solution that there is no problem….instead of trying to end hunger or homelessness or education they prefer to worry about bathrooms and the sensibilities of morons.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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7 thoughts on “From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

  1. Whatever people think of Transgenders (and I have no issues with them whatsoever) they have to check the calendar. It is 2021, not 1921. Things change, like it or not, and they should embrace the fact that people once known as ‘gender-confused people’ are now standing up for their right to be what they feel they are inside. Blame the advertisers. Blame fashion. Blame who you like. But at least be aware that society is moving forward on this issue. Except in Arkansas, apparently.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. And Florida and Georgia and…well the list goes on and on…..I have no issues with gender identifying…..seems a personal decision and no business of mine chuq

  2. Now that the South has its hands tied from intimidating and harrassing Black People so much, it turns to another type and kind of human being to discriminate against. Some dna is permanent.

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