Namaste Alabama

I get a chuckle out of the silliness that state representatives will go to to keep from addressing the problems within its borders……this one is from Alabama…..

It seems that these guys are afraid of yoga…..why?

They think it will help spread Hinduism in the state.


Legislation that would have allowed yoga to be taught in Alabama public schools died in committee Wednesday, stalling a years-long battle by one state legislator to bring the practice back.

Bill AL HB246 was put forth by Alabama State Rep. Jeremy Gray, who wrote that bringing yoga back to school would be voluntary. It sought to overturn a ban on the practice in Alabama schools in place since 1993.

Lawmakers in Alabama’s state Senate voted on the proposal and decided against it, effectively endorsing the existing ban. Gray can attempt to pass the measure again later, but it is a significant setback.

Think this is silly?

Read the bill and determine the silliness….

Click to access McWord290-040-040.pdf

This is the bill that would overturn this silly ban….

For me this is a waste of time!

I have NO time for the religious BS….maybe concentrate on the needs of the people of Alabama and let this type of theatrics die.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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