Closing Thought–10Mar21

Did you know that the National Guard is being used in our endless wars?

Well they are and now governors are moving to end the endless deployments of the Guard in armed conflicts….

In summer blockbusters and other entertainment, the United States Armed Forces are almost always portrayed through the lens of their most elite units, such as the Navy SEALS or the Army Rangers. But while the special forces are heroes in their own right, they’re not the most irreplaceable piece on the board. That designation falls to the humble National Guard, the real backbone of America’s military.

I’ve served in the Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, and the Idaho National Guard. In my deployments to Afghanistan, I found the Guard to be the best trained of them all.

Numbering nearly 350,000 men and women, these citizen-soldiers — who when they’re not donating time to Uncle Sam are working full-time jobs, running businesses, attending college, and raising families — have carried more than their fair share of the burden. Since the launch of the Global War on Terror in 2001, 45 percent of deployed personnel have been National Guard units, with 57,000 Guardsmen located overseas as recently as December 2020. And the costs have been felt; 18.4 percent of the subsequent casualties have been Guard members.

For two decades of war, the National Guard has tried to live up to its motto of “Always Ready, Always There.” But the undeniable fact is that every American soldier sent to nation-build in Afghanistan or patrol the streets of Iraq is one less person who can protect and aid his fellow Americans back home. 

States are moving to end National Guard role in unauthorized wars

As an antiwar supporter and activist I applaud these measures.

A small step…..NOW let’s work to get ALL troops out of these worthless non-productive endless wars!

It is beyond time for these worthless costly endless wars to come to an end and bring the troops home to their families.

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5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–10Mar21

  1. Same here, where they are called ‘The Territorial Army’, ‘Naval Volunteer Reserve, and ‘Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve’. They take their share of deployments, and their fair share of casualties too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yup: People generally sign up for the state national guard units in order to be there for their state (or the District, in DC) in a local crisis, though also being aware that in time of war, the Guard can be activated to serve oversees, or nationalized, as JFK did during the Alabama school desegregation riots. But they should be kept at home as much as possible, to serve locally.

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