“Bloody Sunday” Executive Order

The Pope and the Royals…is there anything more mundane than those two reports?

For me there was some things more important…..

Yesterday, 07 March, we commemorated “Bloody Sunday”…..

For those that are too young or those that d not want to remember this day….I shall help……

On March 7, 1965 around 600 people crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in an attempt to begin the Selma to Montgomery march. State troopers violently attacked the peaceful demonstrators in an attempt to stop the march for voting rights.

After 56 years Biden signs an Executive Order on voting rights……

On the 56th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march, President Biden signed an executive order intended to guarantee voting rights. “Every eligible voter should be able to vote and have that vote counted,” Biden said Sunday in a remote address to the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast, per CNN. The annual event marks the anniversary of the Selma, Ala., march, during which police beat demonstrators demanding the right to vote as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge. “I also urge Congress to fully restore the Voting Rights Act, named in John Lewis’ honor,” Biden said; the late Georgia congressman was among those beaten on that day. Parts of the act were tossed out by the Supreme Court in 2013. Just last week, the House approved a broad voting rights measure that faces Republican opposition when it comes up in the Senate.

Biden’s move is part of a Democratic response to GOP efforts to limit voter access and control the process, as Republicans repeat claims that the November presidential election was stolen from them. “If you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide,” Biden said Sunday, per the Washington Post. “Let the people vote.” But the executive order doesn’t directly counter the GOP moves, and it’s not on the scale of the House legislation, per the New York Times. It directs agencies to draw up ways to promote voter registration and participation and help states with voter registration. The Vote.gov website is to be given a makeover to ensure its helpfulness. The executive order does attempt to broaden voting access in the military, as well as for eligible voters who are incarcerated. Still, the idea, an administration official said, is mostly to demonstrate that Biden is doing something about voting rights.

For those interested in the EO…..this is a summary of that signed by Biden…..https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/03/07/fact-sheet-president-biden-to-sign-executive-order-to-promote-voting-access/

This action is in conjunction with HR1, the “For The People Act” which is an attempt to stop all the voter suppression by the GOP….https://my.lwv.org/california/diablo-valley/article/summary-hr-1-people-act

For those political junkies (like me) here is the full bill that Congress is debating….

Click to access BILLS-117hr1ih.pdf

This is not perfect but it will go a long way to curbing the cowards that are trying to fix elections in their favor.

looks like Biden is trying to make good on some of the promises he made on the campaign trail…..I await his moves on foreign policy now that he is president (a future post in the works)


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10 thoughts on ““Bloody Sunday” Executive Order

  1. I don’t have a clue why the Pope is visiting Iraq in the middle of a pandemic. Most of the people sitting next to him and talking to him have no masks on, and the Christian community in that country numbers only around 500,000 anyway, out of almost 40,000,000.
    My wife wants to watch the Oprah interview here tonight, so I have recorded it for her to watch when I am asleep.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The Pope is a deluded nut bag who heads up a whole church filled with crazies. I quit going to the Catholic Church after 7 years because in all that time not one person, Priest or Lay Person ever made any kind of advances toward me … while their miscreants were in the news every day for molesting certain people. I guess I wasn’t good enough for them. LOL

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