Closing Thought–04Mar21

The GOP lost in the last election….they lost the Senate, The House and the Presidency… instead of looking for a vision for the future they do what they have been doing for decades….they look to the past and the suppression of the vote.

The big push by state GOP bigots is to find ways to keep people from voting and even to let a governor overturn the legal vote…..

Across the nation, supporters of former President Trump are working to pass state legislation changing laws to limit access to voting and give them more control over election outcomes. With a rallying cry about the presidential election having been stolen from Trump, and basing their plans on the premise that large turnouts benefit Democrats, state legislators are seeking major changes to help Republicans win the presidency next time, the New York Times reports. The efforts could help Republicans, who’ve won the popular presidential vote only once in the past eight elections, gain control of government despite being a minority party. “The typical response by a losing party in a functioning democracy is that they alter their platform to make it more appealing,” said a University of Wisconsin expert. “Here the response is to try to keep people from voting. It’s dangerously antidemocratic.” The national GOP showed its support last week by forming a panel to look at state election laws, which Republicans have done in various states.

Some efforts seem illogical. Republicans won the presidential and Senate races in Iowa, which reported record turnout and essentially no election fraud last fall. But GOP legislators have voted to shorten early voting by nine days, close polling places an hour earlier, and make absentee voting rules more restrictive. They also moved to take county auditors’ authority away to made decisions about local voting. “Most of us in my caucus and the Republican caucus believe the election was stolen,” a GOP state senator said. Nebraska Republicans want to change to a winner-take-all system for its electoral votes because President Biden was awarded one vote last time. But New Hampshire Republicans want to adopt Nebraska’s current system because Democrats have been winning presidential elections there. A bill in Arizona is more direct, per NBC: The Legislature would have the power to revoke the secretary of state’s certification of electoral results “by majority vote at any time before the presidential inauguration.”

Time for true Americans, not the numb skulls that support bigotry and hatred, to stand up and demand that ALL votes and voters MUST participate….

If this nation is to survivor then ALL Americans need to participate and ALL Americans  should have their right to vote to be guaranteed.

Can HR1……stop all this theft?

The House passed HR1. The bill: -Enacts automatic voter registration -Ends partisan and racial gerrymandering -Institutes public financing of elections -Expands early voting -Prevents voter purges -Exposes dark money -Counters Citizens United

Get behind this bill anyway you can…..we need to end all this suppression and oppression of the American people.


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6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–04Mar21

  1. The right and ability to vote has never been an issue over here in modern times. At least not in my lifetime.
    The only people excluded are ‘Lunatics’, Foreign national residents, convicted prisoners who are in jail, and members of The House of Lords. The Queen doesn’t vote by tradition, though she is legally allowed to.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. One hopes that this bill will be a start, but what really needs to happen is education, now, immediate-term for adults, and long-term for kids and adults, in critical thinking and empathy.
    Without both, we will get no where.
    Stay safe,

    1. HR1 will not get out of the Senate…..60 votes will be needed and there is no chance the Dems can find 10 votes from the Repubs….sad….chuq

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