“Want To Rule The World”

I could be talking about the tune by Patti Smith…..

But I am not!

Nope not at all…..I am referring to an article by Robert Kagan who says the the biggest problem today is that the average American does not want to rule the world.

“All great powers” want to rule the world, declared Robert Kagan, propagandist for America as imperial power, democratic hegemon, aggressive unipower, and perpetual war machine. However, they typically fail. Wrote Kagan in a new Foreign Affairs article: “Much of the drama of the past century resulted from great powers whose aspirations exceeded their capacity.”

The U.S. has a different problem, he contended. The American people. Rather than realize their unique calling to sacrifice themselves and obey their betters when instructed to patrol the globe, they continued to look inward.

They failed to realize that their destiny is to impose order upon independent and subservient, judge innocent and guilty, wage war upon great and small, and, yes, kill anyone who and destroy anything which gets in the way of fulfilling this sacred duty. Instead of focusing on the wishes of Washington, D.C., the world’s imperial city, and rising to the greatness expected of them by supporting the aggrandizements of a globally dominant America, they focused on the local and personal – their careers and educations, their communities and towns, their clubs and associations, and their families and friends.

Robert Kagan Diagnosed America’s Biggest Problem: Americans Who Don’t Want To Run the World


Destiny?  Sacred duty? 

How dare the American people focus their attention on some mundane things as their careers and educations, their communities and towns, their clubs and associations, and their families and friends.  (Of course that was sarcasm in case you missed it)

Apparently I do not agree with Kagan on very much.

I believe that our destiny and/or duty is to this country and not wanting to rule the world.

We already have a wealth of politicians that feel we should rule and care little for what the American people desire.

I have a problem with pissing away taxpayer money on endless interventionism while the country and its people suffer from a wealth of problems…health, poverty, failing infrastructure, education and so many more that could be solved with the cash wasted on continuous wars.

Any thoughts?

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