Play That Antisemitism Card

The ruling by the International Criminal Court has BiBi up in arms……

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Friday’s ruling: “Today the ICC proved once again that it is a political body and not a judicial institution,” he said. “The ICC ignores the real war crimes and instead pursues the State of Israel, a state with a strong democratic government that sanctifies the rule of law, and is not a member of the ICC.

“In this decision,” Netanyahu added, “the ICC violated the right of democracies to defend themselves against terrorism, and played into the hands of those who undermine efforts to expand the circle of peace. We will continue to protect our citizens and soldiers in every way from legal persecution.”

“Pure anti-Semitism,” Netanyahu said, raising an argument likely to strike a chord with many Israelis who believe that criticism, especially in Europe, of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians has its roots in anti-Jewish sentiment.

Why is everything that does not go Israel’s way antisemitism?

Of course the US has to kiss Israel’s ass….so they oppose this action by ICC…..

In the US, State Department spokesman Ned Price said his office was still reviewing the decision. However, he clarified that the Biden administration has “serious concerns about the ICC’s attempts to exercise its jurisdiction over Israeli personnel.”

“We have always taken a position that the court’s jurisdiction should be reserved for countries that consent to or that are referred to by the UN Security Council,” Price added, hinting at US opposition to the decision, given that Israel is not a member of the ICC. The US is also not a member. The Palestinians joined the court in 2015.

There is a reason that Israel and the US has not singed on to the ICC.

The ICC is meant to serve as a court of last resort when countries’ own judicial systems are unable or unwilling to investigate and prosecute war crimes.

Has anyone else noticed that the countries that commit the worse offensives do not sign on?

Sorry but the destruction of crops, theft of land and extrajudicial raids and imprisonment without charge are all war crimes in my book.

Look at the BDS Movement…..a group that boycotts Israel until they start treating Palestinians humanely has been labelled ‘antisemitic’ by our Congress and admin……this is bullshit!

The Biden administration “embraces and champions” the so-called IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, a State Department official said on Monday.

Kara McDonald, deputy assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, praised the definition “with its real-world examples” as “an invaluable tool” to “call hate by its proper name and take effective action,” according to the JTA news agency.

McDonald is serving temporarily as the Biden administration’s point person on the issue until it names a special envoy on anti-Semitism.

The IHRA definition has been promoted by Israel and its lobby groups.

It has been strongly opposed by civil libertarians and Palestinian and Jewish organizations which see it as a pretext to smear and censor supporters of Palestinian rights.

Its use as a tool of censorship has even been criticized by the definition’s original author.

My First Amendment rights….if Trump can use it then we all can.

Israel can kiss my old ass….call that what you may.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


11 thoughts on “Play That Antisemitism Card

  1. Here we go again!

    As always the anti-sematic card is played.
    In fact it’s used to shut people up critizizing the STATE Israël.
    It’s the same when (some) Americans have an attitude to shut people up by calling names.

    I’ve been on the receiving end several times; let’s say it went from calling names to vile insults and threats.

    As always the reality is that Israël is a country and Judeïsm is a religion.

    Seperation of church and state.

    The state Israel is guilty of crimes against the Palestinian population.

    So the International Criminal Court addressing this is not surprising.
    It’s their job.

    In fact any nation is capable of Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes.
    If certain political conditions in place, endorsing violence and discrimination against a perticular group in the society, the stage is set.

    The state Israël is no exception.

    In a way it’s offensive that the state Israël, when critized, plays the anti-semitism card.
    While they, as a nation, enforce violence against the Palestines.

    1. Israel thinks the 1945 will carry them through this…..and if the West has anything to do with it….it will. My thought is any debt we owe has been paid….time for them to start acting like a civilized nation and not like a pack of thieving barbarians….chuq

  2. For my entire lifetime, Israel has tried to justify its policies by screaming antisemitism against any and all criticism. High time it was shown up for what it really is.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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