A Summit For Democracy

President Biden has said that there is a need for a “Summit for Democracy”…….this is confusing to me because there are so many definitions for the term ‘democracy” that it would be interesting to see just who is invited or who attends…..

This would be a waste of time and energy IMO and the American Conservative agrees….

Joe Biden’s proposal to host a “summit for democracy” in his first year in office reflects some of the important flaws in the former vice president’s foreign policy worldview. This proposal takes for granted that the U.S. and other democracies are in some sense all on the same side in opposition to a vaguely-defined authoritarianism. It presupposes that the U.S. is the undisputed leader of the democratic side. It assumes that other nations of the world are craving the American “leadership” that has been lacking for the last four years. It substitutes a focus on regime type for a serious reappraisal of U.S. interests in the world. Finally, it focuses on authoritarian bogeymen in other states when we can see that the greatest threats to a healthy democracy are to be found at home.

Earlier this year, Biden described the summit as an effort “to renew the spirit and shared purpose of the nations of the free world.” This might not have seemed out of place 25 years ago when the U.S. was still held in high regard and talk of the “free world” didn’t sound like an outdated propaganda slogan. That’s no longer the case today. This is one area where Biden’s preference for throwback foreign policy ideas is particularly ill-suited to the world we live in.

The U.S. Shouldn’t Bother with a ‘Summit for Democracy’

Democracy is under attack from so many directions and all seem to use democracy as an excuse for the attacks…..

I say this because of the Trump years….and now that he is not the president the fight will get nastier…..and social media will lead the way for the attacks to continue…..

Most legacy media outlets sought to persuade voters to choose Joe Biden for president because “democracy is on the ballot” and once Trump was out of office, things would return to normal, we could all go back to “brunch.” However, this analysis overlooks the crucial realities of how we got here and, as Lau Tzu might suggest, where we have been and are heading. The “return to normal” rhetoric distracts from the reality of American democracy: it is in such an emaciated state that a more adept and sophisticated version of Trump could easily come to power. It was our infatuation with what passes for “normal” that brought about this historical moment. The Democracy Index rates the U.S. as a “flawed democracy,” which means that the elections are free and fair, basic civil liberties are respected, but there are underlying issues (e.g. the erosion of the free press and suppression of opposition political parties and viewpoints). Prior to Trump, scholars noted that the U.S. was an oligarchy, not a democratic republic. However, rudimentary corporate news media narratives concerning the so-called “coup” at the U.S. Capital January 6th leave out crucial realities that can easily lead audiences to glean that Donald Trump and his followers single handedly undermined the American democratic experiment. To be clear, Trump as a person and as a symbol has been responsible for the proliferation of dangerous and disgusting attitudes and behaviors in the U.S. However, we have been heading here for decades. To alter where we are heading, we need to confront certain realities that media narratives distract attention from on a ritual basis.

Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup d’Trump Autopsy of American Democracy

Will the people come to their senses and see the problems all this division is causing for the country?

Or will this situation continue until the democracy is destroyed and something sinister will emerge?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


5 thoughts on “A Summit For Democracy

  1. Just seems like a snappy ‘soundbite’ to me. And a complete and utter waste of money that could provide medical care, food for the poor, or create jobs. What about the Space Force? Has he scrapped that yet? That would be a good EO to use while his pen is out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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