An IST Thought

Closing Thought–29Jan21

The apathy is deafening!

I never have been what some would called a “popular” information blog but I do have a core followers of about 4100….followers that stay once they follow. I know that is not breaking any records for a blog but it makes me happy that people come and stay for the most part.

I have noticed that during the so-called ‘insurrection’ my numbers shot up but now that that event is been lowered in interests the number have fallen back to normal range.

Once Biden was close to taking that oath people showed much interest and now that that event has come and gone the interests in events has subsided.

I am trying to educate my readers on what to expect from a Biden administration…..I am getting push back for most people are of the mind of Trump was beaten and now gone (but not to be forgotten)…..

I am trying to point out that while we changed the person occupying the throne of power that very little will change…..those endless wars will continue, wasting of money on bigger and better weapons, the health system will continue as it is with higher drug prices and the insurance industry in control, infrastructure will continue to suffer and that unity that all politicians desire will be fleeting at best….in short your life will continue as it is today.

NO one seems to give a crap!

Yes we have ridden ourselves of the slug that proceeded Biden….that is the only change we will get.

The truth is I am bored!

Biden does that for me…..I was bored with him the first time he ran for president back in 1987….and I have seen nothing to change my opinion in all those years.

Since I am bored with our politics and few people seem to give a sh*t I have decided to slow my roll on posts….I will step back for a few weeks and post a limited amount on a daily basis.

I am not going away just stepping back for awhile…there is only so much I can say to educate the reader on Biden for most do not care….Trump is gone and that is all that matter in 2020.

The concern should be for the future of this country and yet apathy runs rampant….that is troubling for me.

Of course that will change as events warrant.

Be well…Be Safe….

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I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “An IST Thought

  1. Thank you in advance, for your further efforts, Chuq! Very appreciated, because whom of the media one can trust? 😉 Last week i had reblogged (and automatically retweeted) a posting about a notice was published online on an administrative page, about one of the vaccines could cause autism. I cant verify it, but information could not harm (was my thought). Only two hours later i got a 12 h Twitter ban. Before i had to delete the retweet, to start the renovation countdown. I felt like in the medieval poenitentiary of the Roman-Catholic Church. Lol Have a beautiful weekend! Michael

  2. Apathy has infected the political will of the people over here for a very long time now. It is possible to predict whole areas that will always vote the same way, including the region I live in. How many times I have heard people say “All politicians are the same”. That attitude has left us with right-wing governments for so long now, I am beginning to feel apathetic myself.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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