Pandemic And Privacy

It has been a helluva month and year so far.

While the sedition runs wild in this country there is still a pandemic killing Americans.

We all have been effected by the raging pandemic that just seems to get bigger and bolder as it rips through the nation. Some have been inconvenienced by social distancing or masking or food shortages, prices or TP shortages……but as this year, 2020, ends a thought popped into my head… has our privacy been compromised by all this pandemic stuff?

Fortunately for me someone else had the same thought and it saved me lots of endless reading….

I try to avoid sites and services that invade my privacy, collect my data, and track my actions. Then the pandemic came, and I threw most of that out the window. You probably did, too.

I gave away tons of personal data to get the things I needed. Food came from grocery and restaurant delivery services. Everything else — clothes, kitchen tools, a vanity ring light for Zoom calls, office furniture — came from online shopping platforms. I took an Uber instead of public transportation. Zoom became my primary means of communication with most of my coworkers, friends, and family. I attended virtual birthdays and funerals. Therapy was conducted over FaceTime. I downloaded my state’s digital contact tracing tool as soon as it was offered. I put a camera inside my apartment to keep an eye on things when I fled the city for several weeks.

Millions of Americans have had a similar pandemic experience. School went remote, work was done from home, happy hours went virtual. In just a few short months, people shifted their entire lives online, accelerating a trend that would have otherwise taken years and will endure after the pandemic ends — all while exposing more and more personal information to the barely regulated internet ecosystem. At the same time, attempts to enact federal legislation to protect digital privacy were derailed, first by the pandemic and then by increasing politicization over how the internet should be regulated.

Please be careful when using the internet….these days it is a more dangerous place.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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4 thoughts on “Pandemic And Privacy

  1. Some conspiracy theorists believe that is thw whole point of a pandemicthat doesn’t really exist. To monitor and control behaviour, and replace cash with digital currency that can be tracked and stopped. Although I don’t believe most of what they say, in isolation, it can be seen that way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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