Final Thoughts On Trump

Closing Thought–21Jan21

Some final thoughts on the Trump presidency and the people he had around him……

First something positive…..

Trump attempted to cease those endless wars and bring troops out of harms way…..he was unsuccessful.

Now for what I really feel…..

Raising middle finger relays information, judge rules in case of man  accused of breaching no-contact order | National Post

Good-bye Pres. Trump….you will definitely not be forgotten.

“lego ergo scribo”


15 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On Trump

    1. You make a good point, Pete. With him any attention is “good” attention. Just let him fade away. But… we got this Senate trial looming to keep him from future elected office. He has lost his grip… but his fading away will take a little longer.

    2. That’s not a good idea. He became president because many Americans choose him, for all kinds of reasons. If those issues won’t be adressed, if certain laws will not being changed, if they don’t evaluate what a president can or cannot do on his own and having the right not to consulting nobody.

      It can easily happen again.

      The choice of Trump was a signal that something is significant wrong in the US

      My own personal opinion about the US proces:
      It is way to long.
      Donor have way to much influence on the party of their.
      The should be a strickt limit on how much a party can spent.
      Registration before you’re allowed to vote is dicourriging.
      As a party gets the majority of votes in a state, the whole state goes to that party. How can that be democratic?
      Why such long lines of voters waiting to cast their votes?
      Improvement would be advisable!

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