These Are Traitors!

These are those Senators and Representatives that violated their oath of office predicated on lies and bullshit.

Take good look…is your elected official among those traitors?

These are the House Repubs……

These are the traitorous Senators…..

Is your Official in of list of traitors…..

My Representative, Palazzo, was one of the traitors…..

One of My Senators was also a traitor, Hyde-Smith…..the other Mississippi Senator Wicker was the only true American ……

These people should be censured and banned from government for the rest of their miderable lives. PERIOD!

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I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “These Are Traitors!

  1. They voted to create a commission to investigate voter fraud. How does that make them traitors ? I’ve also seen stories by the democraps and the fake news networks that these officials voted to overturn the election. That is not true They voted to examine possible voter fraud. They should be censured and banned ? That is the goal of the democraps to “change America” into a one party state divesting half the country of any political participation. Is that what you want ? We are certainly down that path with Big Tech censorship .

    1. There are NO credible reports of voter fraud…that was the fake news that you are so worried about. The Repukes are just as guilty as the those that breached for they have enabled the BS to continue.

      This is what many Americans were preaching that blacks and so-called commies would and yet it is your people that id it and not to make the country better just to keep a tool in office.

      Social media fired this coup attempt and it should clean itself up. chuq

  2. My rep, Madison Cawthorn, was one of the traitors. Apparently, he also spoke at the rally. Crazy that he is the youngest member of congress (25), and somehow he knows enough about PA & AZ election laws to object to their electors. Big backlash here. I hope it’s enough to get rid of him.

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