All About The Fiasco In DC

Most every American has heard about the fiasco surrounding the electoral college certification of Biden as the winner of the 2020 election for president of the United States.

The stunning display of insurrection was the first time the US Capitol had been overrun since the British attacked and burned the building in August of 1814, during the War of 1812, according to Samuel Holliday, director of scholarship and operations with the US Capitol Historical Society.
The shocking scene was met with less police force than many of the Black Lives Matter protests that rolled across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s killing at the hands of Minneapolis police officers last year. While federal police attacked peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square outside the White House over the summer, clearing the way for Trump to take a photo in front of a nearby church at the time, protesters on Wednesday were able to overrun Capitol police and infiltrate the country’s legislative chambers.
This looked like a coup….or attempted coup at least….it appeared to be a fascist attempt….contrary to popular lies it was not the antifa……

The fascist insurrection in Washington DC—which resulted in the storming of the US Congress, the panicked dispersal of terrified senators and members of the House, the delay of the official validation of Joseph Biden’s Electoral College majority, and even the occupation of the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—is a turning point in the political history of the United States.

The hoary glorifications of the invincibility and timelessness of American democracy have been totally exposed and discredited as a hollow political myth. The popular phrase “It Can’t Happen Here,” taken from the title of Sinclair Lewis’ justly famous fictional account of the rise of American fascism, has been decisively overtaken by events. Not only can a fascist coup happen here. It has happened here, on the afternoon of January 6, 2021.

I posted earlier that I had not heard very much from the Right wing morons about the protest or a condemnation of all the vandalism and violence.

The civil disobedience many protesters to the Capitol building (number is not known for sure) …….once the breach of the police line protecting vandalism and violence led the way…..about 60 protesters were arrested and at least 4 people died….one woman was ht dead.

Five of the arrests were related to guns and two were for illegal possession of other weapons, including metal knuckles and a blackjack-like weapon.

A breakdown……

Just how was the police line breached for the protesters to enter the Capitol building?

The US Capitol was stormed by a pro-President Trump mob Wednesday in the first mass breach of the building since British soldiers burned it in 1814—and a lot of people are asking how it was able to happen. The Capitol Police force is being accused of failing to anticipate the breach, though former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis blames “a lack of political will to control an attempted insurrection,” USA Today reports. “What happened here is a colossal failure, and I believe it’s a colossal political failure, not on the part of the police,” he says. “They were outnumbered and overrun.” The mob stormed the building, forcing lawmakers into hiding, after Trump spoke at a nearby rally and urged supporters to march to the Capitol. At least 14 police officers were injured in the violence. More:

  • Former chief is mystified. Kim Dine, chief of the Capitol Police from 2012 to 2016, says he was surprised to see that people were allowed to gather on the Capitol steps before they pushed forward and overwhelmed police—and that they weren’t arrested as soon as they entered the building. “It’s like watching a real-life horror movie. I mean, we train and plan and budget every day, basically, to have this not happen, Dine tells the Washington Post. “How it happened, I can’t figure that out.” A video that went viral appears to show officers actually opening a barricade to allow protesters to move closer to the building.
  • Lawmakers promise an investigation. Lawmakers say there will be an investigation of the apparent lack of preparedness, the AP reports. Democratic Rep. Val Demings, a former police chief, said it was “painfully obvious” that Capitol Police were understaffed and didn’t have a clear plan for dealing with thousands of protesters descending on the building. “I certainly thought that we would have had a stronger show of force, that there would have been steps taken in the very beginning to make sure that there was a designated area for the protesters in a safe distance from the Capitol,” Demings said.
  • Firings could be imminent. Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, the House appropriator in charge of funding the Capitol Police, said Wednesday that “it’s pretty clear that there are going to be a number of people who are going to be without employment very, very soon.” He said the breach was an “embarrassment” due to “the lack of professional planning and dealing with what we knew was going to occur” and “you can bet your ass we’re going to get the bottom of it,” per Politico.
  • There was plenty of warning. While some law enforcement experts say it is difficult to tell when a protest could become a riot, there was plenty of warning that violence was likely on Wednesday, with Trump himself declaring that the day would be “wild,” the New York Times reports. For weeks ahead of the date, members of online “Stop the Steal” groups discussed tactics, weapons, and referred to “occupying” the Capitol.
  • How it began. Politico reports that while most Trump supporters had gathered for Trump’s speech at the Ellipse, small groups started gathering near the Capitol from around 9am, though fences kept them at a distance from the building. The crowd grew to tens of thousands after Trump’s speech and hundreds, then thousands, pressed forward after supporters broke down metal barricades.
  • A “stunning failure.” Ryan Cooper at the Week calls the breach a “stunning failure” and notes that there is “no doubt whatsoever that if, say, the Black Panthers tried something like this, dozens of people would now be dead, and hundreds injured.” “This crowd probably didn’t think they would get anywhere near as far as they did, but they will keep pushing until someone stops them,” he writes. “In this case, the Capitol Police have proved they are not ready to defend the legislature of the American people.”

One of the rabid Trumpites that was part of the ordeal was a newly elected lawmaker from west Virginia…..

A newly elected West Virginia lawmaker was part of the mob that stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday—and some of his colleagues don’t want him to return to the state Capitol. In a video that he later deleted from Facebook, Del. Derrick Evans livestreamed himself among a group of people forcing their way into the building, NPR reports. In a Facebook post, he claimed he was “simply there as an independent member of the media to film history,” though he hasn’t worked as a journalist and his video showed that he was an enthusiastic participant in the Capitol invasion, urging others to move forward and chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Once inside, Evans chanted “Our House!” and told other crowd members not to vandalize anything.

On Sunday, Evans tweeted that he would attend a “Stop the Steal” protest “because this is the 1st time @realDonaldTrump has asked me to do anything.” West Virginia State House Speaker Roger Hanshaw said Wednesday he was in the process of gathering information about the incident, and Evans will have to “answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in what has occurred today,” the Gazette-Mail reports. He added that those involved in storming the Capitol should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” “What occurred today is unpatriotic, un-American and I condemn it in the strongest terms possible,” he said. Almost 20,000 people have signed a petition calling for Evans’ removal from the House of Delegates, and Democratic leaders have called for his immediate resignation.

This person should NOT be allowed to take his seat….he committed sedition and violated his oath of office….he should be arrested and prosecuted and banned from ever holding office again……let’s not forget  a mandatory 2 year prison term… time off for good behavior and a regular prison not some white collar country club.

This group are the ones that support the violence by police against protesters and yet they attacked and killed at least one police officer….

A US Capitol Police officer has died following Wednesday’s insurrectionist violence by Trump supporters in Washington, DC, officials announced.

Officer Brian D. Sicknick died Thursday night after being injured while on-duty during Wednesday’s attempted coup, a Capitol Police spokesperson announced.

Police said earlier on Thursday that the mob “actively attacked” officers using metal pipes and chemical irritants such as tear gas. More than 50 Capitol and DC police officers were injured in the riot, and several were hospitalized with serious injuries, authorities said.

Sicknick was injured while “physically engaging” with rioters, then returned to his division, where he collapsed, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

One final note…..bombs were found it the Capitol building…..

DC Police said two pipe bombs and a cooler of Molotov cocktails were found near the US Capitol Building while Trump supporters began to riot in the area, eventually breaking into the building. 

Police Chief Robert Contee III announced the findings during the late Wednesday news conference that involved DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The pipe bombs were found outside of the local DNC and RNC offices, respectively. The pipe bombs were found inside a car, where a long gun was also discovered.

DC police responded to the US Capitol Building after multiple calls to its dispatch units and at the request of US Capitol Police. They assisted in clearing pro-Trump rioters from the area after the building was overrun and in removing the pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails.

Chief Contee said that a plain-clothes US Capitol Police officer is the one who shot and killed a woman inside the US Capitol Building.


My closing thought…..when black people protest the police show up in combat gear and tanks….for a bunch of mostly whites they use little personnel and treat them with kid gloves.

So much for equal justice, huh?

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14 thoughts on “All About The Fiasco In DC

  1. I reminded both my state’s Senators and my district’s Congressman that they were warned by Rep. Schiff that failure to remove Trump from office would lead to his behavior escalating in worse ways, and that the three had complicity in the Trump riot by voting against his removal when he was impeached. I also expressed this sentiment in this exact way: TRUMP MUST RESIGN NOW! I’ll settle for any way the good side extracts that cancer from the White House. One correspondent on CNN this morning suggested (not joking) that he be quarantined on a golf course for the rest of his term so he couldn’t start any new mischief.

      1. That is alarming for me since i live in a solidly Trumpist part of America. That means, to me, there are genuinely unAmerican people wandering among those living where I do, and they probably wear MAGA hats and fly American flags, their disguise.

  2. These “Protesters” are fascists to the core and they harbor fascist ideas and tendencies. That is why they support a hitlerarian figure so strongly. They are dangerous and they are never going to go away. As to how easily the Capitol was breached, One has to entertain the question, “How many police are wilfully complicit and actually support the extremist’s points of view?”

  3. Let’s be real. The domestic terrorist were WHITE and that is the reason they weren’t met with force to stop them.

  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I still have no words so I’ll use these from the post … “The stunning display of insurrection was the first time the US Capitol had been overrun since the British attacked and burned the building in August of 1814, during the War of 1812, according to Samuel Holliday, director of scholarship and operations with the US Capitol Historical Society.”

  5. While from the videos it looks like most of the Capitol police valiantly did their best to hold back the rioters, there are some disturbing images including one of officers just standing by, some opening the barriers, and the one taking a selfie with rioters. There needs to be a full investigation into these as well as the decision making in the days leading up to Wednesday.

  6. Anyone watching the extensice footage has to conclude that some (not all) police officers and security staff were complicit in allowing this to happen, and to continue unchallenged. They can mostly be identified, and anyone guilty of this should immediately be fired from their job.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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