Closing Thought–21Dec20

All this threat of violence from the Far Right has a lot of us Americans worried about the possibility that these idiots will actually start a wave of violence. I mean they have threatened many government officials and even had there plans to kidnap and possibly kill the governor of Michigan thwarted by law enforcement.

The more the calls get louder the closer we get to this type of violence……

The former Governor of Mexico’s “violence-wracked” state of Jalisco died early Friday morning after being shot in the back while in a restaurant bathroom, the Guardian reports. Authorities say that Aristóteles Sandoval, 46, was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta when he was gunned down, per the New York Times. No suspects had been identified as of Friday, but some security experts tell the Times that the killing could be the work of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Security analyst Eduardo Guerrero says the cartel has “complete dominion” over the resort city located on Mexico’s Pacific coast: “No other group has the reach of these guys to assassinate a former governor,” he adds. “They are a cartel of great audacity, that isn’t intimidated, that aims at the highest levels.”

Sandoval, who was at the restaurant with four others, went to use the bathroom about 1:40am and was shot, according to reports. His two bodyguards attempted to evacuate him, but were met by more gunmen outside, and a bodyguard was seriously injured when shooting began. Sandoval died soon after at a hospital. The attack was “not a fortuitous or circumstantial act,” Jalisco Attorney General Gerardo Solís said, per the BBC. “There was a synchronization of events to find the former governor in his most vulnerable moment.” Sandoval’s killing may indicate that cartels are becoming more involved in local politics, the Times notes. “There are still questions to be asked about how separate politics and organized crime really are,” says analyst Falko Ernst. “This unleashes the beast.” Guerrero tells the paper that Mexico is going to see “unprecedented levels of electoral political violence” in the coming months.

Is this what these idiots have in store if they finally get the way and grow some spine to act?

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16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Dec20

  1. Mexico and Colombia are almost both a ‘lost cause’. Ruled by drug gangs, and propped up with money from US drug users of course. (And probably the CIA too.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Typical. Antifa and Black Lives Matter run around intimidating and brutalizing people, and the news media ignores it. Yet if Trump’s supporters stage a rally and listen to speakers, that’s threatening violence.

    Liberal Democrat activists, staging “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, start fires and loot businesses. Can you point to an example where Trump’s supporters have done that. Yet, we have an election that is being stolen, and news media won’t cover what happen, Big Tech is even trying to censor the president, and the damn judges won’t even listen to a presentation of the evidence.

    And you are complaining about us? What is our crime? Breathing the air on planet Earth?

    1. Seriously? And I suppose the Proud Boys are doing god’s work. What about those idiots that wanted to attack the Michigan governor? Your crime is fascist leanings….how’s that? chuq

      1. Proud boys? You are complaining about a group that the news media is happy to cover and expose, one that neither the president or the Republican Party has endorsed.

        The Proud Boys don’t throw human feces at people or blind them with lasers. In DC they mostly just escort people in Trump gear to the Metro so they can home without getting attacked by even worse nitwits.

        Am I a fan of the proud boys? Not really, but the police in DC are run by Democrats who won’t let them do their jobs, and that is a much bigger problem. Therefore, when Conservatives rally in DC, the vermin come out after dark and prey upon them.

    2. And you are complaining about a bunch that is not truly a group except in the minds of the right wing media liars.

      You really think the breathing thing is good, huh?

      Yes I can…but you need to get out of Trump’s shadow more. chuq

      1. @lobotero

        Antifa does not exist because the so-called mainstream news media ignores it. Does that work for Black Lives Matters too?

        All I know is that when I go into DC for a rally, I plan to get out of that place before dark. Imaginary monsters, don’t you know? If the Proud Boys want fight with the grue to protect stragglers, I think that sort of admirable, but I would much rather Democrats let the police arrest the grue. Can’t have that, however, that might reveal the nature of what lurks in the dark.

      2. Of course they exist…anywhere you have fascist like the Trump supporters they will be there. Besides it is not a organized group (again) it is people that think fascist should be confronted…like them or not. chuq

      3. @lobotero

        What makes you think Trump is a fascist? What has he done? Before you say anything, do yourself a favor. Verify your charges. The news media is highly partisan and not to be trusted.

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