You Lose–You Pay

I know it is the weekend and that I try to avoid any thing that revolves around the past election….but some stories are just too good to pass up.

This is yet another post about Trump losing the 2020 election…..but this time it is more about gamblers wanting their cash….and want it NOW!

President Trump continues to push his claims of election fraud, and last week, he tried to support that narrative with a tweet tied to gambling, per “At 10:00 P.M. on Election Evening, we were at 97% win with the so-called ‘bookies,'” he posted, not providing the context that mail-in ballots hadn’t been fully registered by that point on election night. Some who’d bet big on Trump, however, still believe the conspiracy theories on election fraud, and now they want their money back from online gambling sites they say erroneously called the race for Joe Biden. The Daily Beast talks to a few of those gamblers from overseas—most Americans aren’t legally allowed to bet on elections—who think Trump can still be declared the winner. One is Helen, a Brit now living in Amsterdam, who continued to bet on Trump on Betfair after Election Day.

“The more likely it looked like fraud, the more I bet,” she says of the conspiracy theories she’s since heard from Trump surrogates, noting she’s lost $170,000; she would’ve taken home $3.3 million if Trump had won. Insider links to statements from Betfair, which left betting open past Election Day due to “ongoing recounts and potential legal challenges.” A Dec. 15 update, however, showed the issue is settled. “Following the Electoral College votes being cast, that [winning] candidate is clearly Joe Biden,” the company said. Some gamblers say they’re going to take legal action, while in an online forum, one angry bettor even appears to threaten employees of the Bet365 site, claiming to know where they live. Helen hasn’t threatened anyone, but she wants her money. “Trump will be inaugurated on 20th January, and I expect Betfair to pay out accordingly,” she says.

If the losers bet the house on their main man Trump and lost their bet…then I say make them pay…and pay until it hurts…..maybe living is a cardboard box will finally give them some perspective.

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6 thoughts on “You Lose–You Pay

  1. Perhaps they can win it back by betting Trump will spend the rest of his life surrounded by incompetent lawyers trying to keep him out of prison….

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